Sunday, October 17, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Saving the Living, and Honouring the Dead

Good morning Andrew and Adam,

ACLEI have had this formal complaint re Schapelle's issues for over 5 months, and they're stonewalling. This innocent woman is dying in a Bali hell hole, and when I spoke to one of their officers to-day, he said he was "Too busy" to read recent correspondence - just like (I guess), ACLEI has been "Too busy" (and/or corrupt and indifferent), to investigate the questionable death of Australian Protective Services Officer Gary Lee Rogers, after he blew the whistle on Australian airport corruption.

Sadly, it's too late save Gary, but Schapelle's still alive (just), so I'm formally asking both of you to demand an investigation moves forwards now, and demand ACLEI does its job. A 5 month delay in these urgent circumstances is a sick joke.

Further I will also be putting in a formal, professional standards complaint (this week), re the very senior AFP officer who told this lie to a Senate Committee, and forwarding that issue to ACLEI as well, for their deliberations.

And if Schapelle is still at risk in the very near future, in her squalid surroundings, continually exhibited like a monkey at the zoo by her jailers, then I think this whole can worms needs to be up-ended. I'll formally ask both of you to press for a Royal Commission into the death of Gary Lee Rogers. Those unanswered questions put every honest police officer in this country at risk, as the message is unmistakable. Blow the whistle on corruption and you die, and no-one will lift a finger. This thrusts a knife deep into the heart of justice and truth, and leaves a mortal wound. Are we nothing but a banana republic?

The QANTAS Cover Up contains a chapter on Gary, and it will shame this country on the World stage. But right now, the most urgent imperative is to rescue the living.