Monday, October 11, 2010

Schapelle Corby - "Zolander" Rides Again at The Sydney Morning Herald

A few years ago, Sydney Morning Herald journalist Matthew Moore wrote a completely fabricated smear job about Schapelle, which broke just about every rule of professional journalism, and I'm following up his alleged "Facts" with some legitimate sources, such as these:
* The Australian Institute of Criminology

* The Australian Crime Commission

* The Australian Police Journal

* The Policing Studies Unit, Charles Sturt University (AFP approved course)

* United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime

* National Cannabis Prevention & Information Centre
And when I asked Peter Kerr what legitimate source he had in reply (to verify Matthew Moore's nutty article), he gave me, wait for it, "Zolander" !!!!! So who the hell is he (or she)? Well, we don't know, because when I asked Peter Kerr (above), he went into a sulk, and is now refusing to come out and play.

Seems "Zolander" writes anonymously on some really creepy/weirdo website, not linked (in any way), to any verifiable institution, or any verifiable info at all for that matter.

Where do they get journalism degrees from nowadays? The back of cornflake packets? And here's a thought, I'm a nurse, and if I did my job like these three jokers, I reckon the unfortunate patients in question would die like flies . . . .