Monday, November 8, 2010

Schapelle Corby, The Australian Federal Police & Bloody Minded Obstruction

Just sent this email/formal crime complaint to The Australian Federal Police:

Subject: To The AFP (AOCC)/Crime Complaint/From Kim Bax

From: Kim Bax

Date: 9 November 2010 1:35:37 PM AEST



From: (Full name & contact details supplied)

To: The Australian Federal Police Operations Co-Ordinations Centre, Manager AOCC & The OMC Sydney Office

cc: The Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity, Julia Gillard (Prime Minister of Australia), Brendan O'Connor (Minister for Home Affairs)

Re: A Formal Crime Complaint, reference number 973 740

Good afternoon,

Yesterday (Monday 8th November 2010), I spoke to "The Australian Federal Police Operations Co-Ordinations Centre," after calling 02 6126 7777, and first pressing "Option 1," followed by "Option 2." I spoke to a "Christine," who took my complaint - and I eventually got the reference number 973 740. I also wished to put my complaint in writing, and find out who was in over-all charge of "The Australian Federal Police Operations Co-Ordinations Centre." To get this latter info, I was told I would have to put my request "In writing," and I was directed to this on-line form:

However, when I tried to submit my information and request, I came up against a repeated IT fault, that disallowed my submission. So I rang "The Australian Federal Police Operations Co-Ordinations Centre" again, and informed them of this IT problem. They tried the form from their end, and it appeared to work, and they suggested I try again. I did, but I still came up against the same repeated fault. When I informed them of this (after telephoning again), they refused to give an alternative email address, they refused to give me an alternative fax number, they refused to give me a postal address - and when they offered to put me through to their IT expert (to help resolve the problem with the on-line form), no-one answered the phone. I also carefully explained to them that previously, when they put me through (without notice or explanation), to the AFP "Professional Standards" section, the "Professional Standards" section told me that they could not help with IT problems, or alternative contact details for AOCC. Anyway, even after careful repeated explanations of all of this, to AOCC (on the phone number described above), they refused to give me any further help or assistance, and simply put the phone down on me.

However, despite this gross obstructiveness, I eventually found these contact details for the The Australian Federal Police Operations Co-Ordinations Centre on-line:

. . . hence this email.

So, will you please get back to me with:

1. Details of what section in the Australian Federal Police my crime report has been forwarded to.

2. The name and title of the AFP officer in charge over all charge of The Australian Federal Police Operations Co-Ordinations Centre. I may wish to lodge a formal professional standards complaint, in relation to the obstructiveness described above.

In a nutshell, please arrest and charge these Sydney Airport baggage handlers, as described in this blog post:

I look forward to your formal written acknowledgement of this email, and I'll phone to confirm it has been received.

I will also be lodging a formal complaint with ACLEI, re the 6 year delay in arresting or charging these criminals.

Regards, Mrs. Kim Bax
I formally note that when I rang AOCC again, on this phone number, as detailed here:

Manager AOCC
GPO Box 401
Canberra ACT 2601
Ph: (02) 6126 7777
Fax: (02) 6126 7900

. . . to simply get professional confirmation the correspondence above had been received (as there was no automated receipt), all AFP officers concerned point blank refused to provide that confirmation, and hung up on me. Please note that the email above has also (now), been formally faxed to this fax number (above), as well as this one, and I have the printed positive fax confirmation (retained) :

Coordinator OMC Sydney Office
Locked Bag A3000
Sydney South NSW 1232
Ph: (02) 9286 4000
Fax: (02) 9286 4718

And the info above will (shortly), also be posted to both those addresses, via registered mail.

Regards, Kim