Monday, November 15, 2010

Schapelle Corby - The Australian Federal Police Wash Their Hands of QANTAS (Sydney Airport), Baggage Handler Drug Importation

Click on the image to enlarge & read a bizarre email from the Australian Federal Police, dated 15th November 2010, after I formally reported QANTAS baggage handlers for importing cocaine. Further reply/questions to the AFP here (emailed, faxed & sent via registered post):
(addit Tuesday 16th November 2010, just rang Professional Standards at the AFP, which is the section that sent me the above email, where a police officer just told me it was "None of my business" why the AFP didn't arrest the QANTAS baggage handlers detailed below. Methinks many, many Australians will disagree with that sentiment when it's published - and I wonder when ACLEI will get it's act together and investigate why these scroats are still walking? I confirmed they have my formal complaint re this issue)

Dear Tony (and others),

I'm a bit confused by the email sent to me by the Australian Federal Police on the 15th of November 2010, as detailed here, at this blog post:

Could you please provide me with some further explanation? It would be appreciated, and very much in the public interest.

Quite a few weeks ago now, I spoke to Steve Jackson (Head of Security, QANTAS Airlines), after he rang me at home. I asked him very directly what happened to the QANTAS/Sydney Airport baggage handlers involved in this very serious crime on the 8th of October 2004 (the same day Schapelle flew from Sydney Airport):

He told me none of them were ever arrested or charged - and certainly, there are no press reports of their arrest and trial. However, without doubt, via a clear admission from the Australian Federal Police themselves, these baggage handlers were engaged in hard core criminal activity:

"In 2005, an AFP/NSW Crime Commission operation resulted in the arrest of members of another cocaine syndicate who were using baggage handlers to remove imported cocaine from Sydney Airport."

Quote from the Submission of The Australian Federal Police, to "The PJC-ACC Inquiry into the Adequacy of Aviation and Maritime Security Measures to Combat Serious and Organised Crime," November 2009.

. . . of a type that has attracted very severe sentences in the UK:

"A baggage handler at Heathrow who was the 'key inside man' in a plot to smuggle 9kg of cocaine in the luggage of unwitting passengers from South America was jailed yesterday for 19 years."

So, does your email of the 15th November 2010 mean (please pick an appropriate option, or options):

1. The QANTAS baggage handlers in question were investigated and cleared of any crime, either during investigations, or after court appearances (which would appear to contradict the 2009 AFP submission to the Government inquiry, detailed above)?

2. The QANTAS baggage handlers were investigated, charged and convicted re these crimes (which would appear to contradict the assertion from Steve Jackson, detailed above, and the complete lack of any press reports re their court appearances)?

3. It was not the responsibility of the AFP to investigate their crimes, and/or charge them?

4. Drug importation, into Australia, via corrupt airport staff, is not the responsibility of the Australian Federal Police?

5. You corruptly conspired with QANTAS to keep these criminals out of court, and out of the headlines?

6. There is some other explanation (please elaborate)?

I look forward to your further explanation, plus (in the first instance), a prompt formal acknowledgement of this correspondence.

Regards, Kim

PS - As you probably understand by now, these very serious policing and security matters (as detailed above), are also under consideration by multiple experts in the field, internationally, who will be providing comment and interviews for the new book.