Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Schapelle Corby - BEATEN & BRUISED !!!!!!!

Footage HERE, while the squalid and corrupt Australian media "Frame" the scene, via a reflexive misogyny that denies the bleeding obvious. These are the same "Bought & Paid For" low-lifes who deliberately avert their eyes from vicious Australian criminals.

And the "Obvious"? This woman is terrified of regular beatings. I rang Julia Gillard's office, but everyone there refused to speak to me. They put me through to Kevin Rudd's office. I was told I needed to speak to Diana Nelson, a Departmental Liaison Officer, but she was "Busy." They said she'd call me back. I left my number. I'll call again, and again, and again, until someone in the equally squalid and corrupt Australian Government calls me back.

So folks, please remember the global protests just around the corner, the films that are coming (documentary & feature), the scorching new book and the ever increasing Facebook project (which will reach over 270 million people, every 32 days, once the twenty galleries are complete).