Sunday, November 21, 2010

Schapelle Corby & The Clueless Australian Policing Establishment

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To Rosemary, Head of The School of Policing Studies, Charles Sturt University.

Rosemary, I sent you this email this morning, and I look forward to your reply. These are very serious issues, that will be extremely public.

Briefly Rosemary, either put it in writing that The School of Policing Studies, Charles Sturt University, is too clueless to provide the expertise Michael Levine recommends I get (and/or refer me to any Australian expert that can), or provide me with the necessary information. Thanks.

Addit - Despite this quote from the Australian Federal Police, re Charles Sturt University's Police Studies Unit:

The AFP’s Learning and Development Higher Education and Research team examined the possibility of forming partnerships with various educational institutes to enhance the learning opportunities available to AFP members.

Since the team developed the qualifications pathways framework, two of Australia’s leading universities have signed separate Memoranda of Agreement with the AFP. Monash University signed an agreement on 25 August 2008 recognising the completion of specialised AFP College programs as credits towards undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in the areas of criminal justice, counter terrorism, Islamic studies and international relations.

In November 2007, Charles Sturt University (CSU) signed an agreement to provide higher learning and knowledge enhancement in the investigations, intelligence and security related areas.

Charles Sturt's School of Policing Studies have now formally indicated that they're not equipped to respond to me, re acceptable and safe policing standards for the AFP, or refer me on to any named policing expert in Australia.

So tell me Rosemary, what are you teaching now at Charles Sturt School of Policing Studies? Is it still Skills 101 in passing the brown paper bag? Or maybe a Masters in Ducking the Bloody Knife?