Thursday, November 18, 2010

Schapelle Corby & A Formal Complaint to "The Transportation Security Administration," United States of America, re QANTAS Airlines

(Addit Friday 19th Nov 2010 - Here is the USA Legal Code relating security standards at foreign airports).

Dear John and Daniel,

I see you were leaders in publishing this key report about ensuring the security of overseas airports, to maintain the safety of United States aviation - and quite rightly so. Let's face it, you can make your domestic security systems as stringent as possible, but passenger safety is still badly compromised if foreign airlines (and airports), leak like sieves. That's why I want to make a direct, high profile and public complaint to you about QANTAS Airlines and Sydney Airport (Australia), re what I believe is corrupt collusion between QANTAS and the Australian Federal Police, to cover up and hide the gross criminality of QANTAS employees.

It is also criminality that has led to the jailing of an innocent Australian airline passenger in an Indonesian hell hole (for 20 years). Please note, most of the Indonesian terrorists, responsible for some recent blasts that killed many innocent people, are now free.

To set the scene (and the graphic/high profile nature of this debacle), there are protests planned at QANTAS check-ins (with flyers), a book in development, a documentary, a feature film and a grass roots merchandising campaign. Further, supporters (from all over the Globe, including the USA), have collated media contacts from several continents.

In a nutshell, The Australian Federal Police openly admit QANTAS employees were engaged in criminal behaviour:

"In 2005, an AFP/NSW Crime Commission operation resulted in the arrest of members of another cocaine syndicate who were using baggage handlers to remove imported cocaine from Sydney Airport."

Quote from the Submission of The Australian Federal Police, to "The PJC-ACC Inquiry into the Adequacy of Aviation and Maritime Security Measures to Combat Serious and Organised Crime," November 2009.

. . . of the type that has attracted very severe sentences in the UK:

"A baggage handler at Heathrow who was the 'key inside man' in a plot to smuggle 9kg of cocaine in the luggage of unwitting passengers from South America was jailed yesterday for 19 years."

However, these Sydney Airport/QANTAS baggage handlers (mentioned in The Australian Federal Police report above), were never arrested or charged. I know this because I spoke directly to Steve Jackson (Head of Security, QANTAS Airlines), a few weeks ago, and asked him point blank. And if you Google these words:

qantas cocaine sydney baggage 2005

. . . you will find multiple press reports of their criminal behaviour, but no mention of their court appearances - even though other members of that cocaine syndicate are now serving time. I believe this is because those QANTAS baggage handlers/criminals were the exact same crew that dealt with Schapelle's luggage, and their criminal activity (using another innocent passenger as a drug mule), related to the exact day she flew from Sydney Airport (8th October 2004).

Due to the very high profile nature of Schapelle's arrest (In Bali), in Australia, I believe QANTAS were desperate to keep their criminal staff out of court. However, if QANTAS and the Australian Federal Police are engaged in corrupt collusion to keep criminal staff from justice, that obviously places all aviation at risk. People who can get away with using innocent passengers as drug mules, can also get away with placing Semtex in luggage when it suits them. Hence this complaint/report to you.

I have reported my concerns directly to The Australian Federal Police (via Tony Negus, their Chief Officer), but they are point blank refusing to act. I have also reported my concerns to The Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity, who have stonewalled for over 6 months now - and my fax to Julia Gillard (Prime Minister of Australia), remains ignored. Maybe they'll all wake up from their slumbers when one of the (next), QANTAS flights from Sydney to San Francisco explodes mid-air? Will it take an overwhelming tragedy before people do the job they're paid to do?

There is also the extremely important issue of adequate and thoroughly transparent investigation when airline passengers are found to have drugs in their luggage, after their bags have been out of their control for many hours, in the context of widely documented insider corruption. This should include:

* The immediate preservation of all airline/airport CCTV relating to them and their luggage.

* Forensic examination of the drugs, for finger prints, human DNA and possible source.

* Weight comparison, e.g. check-in weight of bags, as compared to the weight of the luggage when the drugs were discovered.

* A search of the passengers home, for evidence of drug trafficking, plus an investigation of their phone and banking records, and interviews with their family, friends and associates.

Please note, that in relation to Schapelle, every single point starred above (even though she begged for these investigations), was ignored and trashed. There was not a single piece of physical or circumstantial evidence linking her to the marijuana found in her bag. And currently, the Australian Federal Police are also refusing to say why they allowed every single frame of CCTV (relating to Schapelle and/or her luggage, from three Australian air terminals), to be destroyed. Again, I believe it was because they were covering for corrupt QANTAS employees - and now, their gross failure in this regard is the subject of a formal professional standards complaint.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Very best wishes, Kim

PS - I have also spoken to high profile USA investigator Michael Levine in relation to these extremely important issues (who was very supportive and sympathetic). Here's an article he did about innocent drug mules, and I expect to speak to him further in the near future.