Sunday, November 14, 2010

Schapelle Corby & The Global Sticker Project . . .

I've just ordered 420 of these stickers from Vista Print, a global company. I've also just emailed them, asking how other people can buy the same design. Email me on:

. . . and I'll forward their reply.

It's time to shift the meme (or focus), to the un-addressed criminality and corruption at QANTAS, and continue for as long as an innocent woman remains in an Indonesian hell-hole. It's called applying pain and consequences.

I heard of one woman who kept a sheet of stickers in her bag at all times, and posted one up every time she used a public loo (or a changing room in the fashion stores), and then thought up all kinds of creative places she could put them . . .

So let's start spreading the message from Sydney, to Paris, to London, to San Francisco - and at all points in between.