Monday, November 29, 2010

Schapelle Corby & The PC Plods of The Australian Federal Police

To Mark Walters, Head of Professional Standards, The Australian Federal Police

This is another formal Professional Standards complaint, re the apparent six month delay in interviewing the QANTAS baggage handlers who dealt with Schapelle's luggage. What was the problem? Did the guys stop off for a smoko on the way to the airport? Is that an acceptable bench mark?

It may have escaped your officers notice Mark, but these QANTAS workers were already under major suspicion and officially under formal surveillance (page 42), on the same day Schapelle flew, which was the exact date they used another innocent QANTAS passenger as a drug mule. And in those glaring circumstances, the AFP couldn't be bothered to get of it's backside to do the appropriate interviews for SIX MONTHS?!!!! What do you put in your coffee down there, Mogadon?

I look forward to your formal response and acknowledgement, regards, Kim

PS - And yes, the outcome of the above is going in the book, and cc the leading American journalist now following these matters (1st paragraph).