Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Schapelle Corby, Semtex, Criminal Baggage Handlers & A Formal Crime Complaint

This is a formal crime report to you (also faxed to ACLEI, with a request they ensure it is actioned). Please treat it as such. I've already reported it (to-day), via Crime Stoppers. The reference number I was given was CBD 089, and I spoke to a "Neil," who is employed by the Queensland Police. I believe his departmental boss is a Senior Sergeant Paul Ready. I also passed this information to AFP Officer Andrew Gaunt, in the Airport Intelligence Group, after speaking to a Chris McDonald in that section a couple of days earlier. Chris said someone would get back to me, but no-one ever did. Shockingly, my report to AFP officer Andrew Gaunt was my second phone call there to-day, because when I first rang and spoke to the officer in charge of that unit (AFP Officer Andrew McLelland), he simply put the phone down on me, mid sentence. I will be submitting a formal professional standards complaint in relation to that, considering the seriousness of these matters.

Tony, please arrest and charge these baggage handlers, because it must have slipped your mind:

"In 2005, an AFP/NSW Crime Commission operation resulted in the arrest of members of another cocaine syndicate who were using baggage handlers to remove imported cocaine from Sydney Airport."

Quote from the Submission of The Australian Federal Police, to "The PJC-ACC Inquiry into the Adequacy of Aviation and Maritime Security Measures to Combat Serious and Organised Crime," November 2009.

. . . they were involved in using the bags of an innocent QANTAS passenger to traffic drugs, on the same day Schapelle flew from Sydney Airport. Here's what happened to UK baggage handlers, involved in similar activity, at around the same time:
"A baggage handler at Heathrow who was the 'key inside man' in a plot to smuggle 9kg of cocaine in the luggage of unwitting passengers from South America was jailed yesterday for 19 years."
Maybe you should spend some of your budget on a sabbatical to the UK, to learn about police work?

I will follow (closely), the progress of this report, and I look forward to your formal response.

Regards, Kim

Addit - Just before 10am on Friday 5th November 2010, I rang the Queensland Police, and spoke to Senior Sergeant Paul Ready of Crime Stoppers, to track what has happened to my crime report of yesterday. He was unable to locate it, so I told him that I'd spoken to a "Neil." Paul said he would further investigate, and call me back.