Monday, December 6, 2010

Schapelle Corby & Burning the Evidence, A Professional Standards Complaint & FOI Application

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To Mark Walters, Manager of Professional Standards, Australian Federal Police
cc Tony Negus (AFP Chief) & Mike Phelan (Deputy Commissioner, AFP)

Dear Mark,

Firstly, will you please ensure that this complaint is formally acknowledged in a professional and timely manner, because in the past, when your department's failed to do that, your staff have abused me for simply telephoning your office to confirm receipt of correspondence.

I wish to lodge a formal professional standards complaint in relation to Mike Phelan, named in this Australian Consulate correspondence (which proves Schapelle begged for forensic testing of the drugs found in her bag, despite Mick Keelty's lies), for not lodging a formal request with the Attorney General's Department, for a formal application to Indonesia (under the Mutual Assistance Treaty), to ensure that vital forensic evidence, relating to Schapelle, was preserved and tested. Please also include in this complaint any un-named AFP officers who may have shared responsibility for this formal action at that time.

This evidence was burnt by the Indonesian Government, who inexplicably (and point blank), refused to do these normally routine and professional investigations.

As is perfectly clear from this extensive background information, that neglected forensic testing was extremely pertinent to the investigation of Australian criminals (who you have still not arrested), and who were actually under formal police surveillance on the day Schapelle flew. What was the problem, was Mike Phelan worried proper finger printing and DNA analysis would have turned up the hallmarks of his pet scroat and/or other QANTAS criminals? Is that why he didn't do his job?

I look forward to hearing from you, and I'm also putting in an FOI application to the Attorney General's Department for the paperwork that should be available, if Mike Phelan (and others), had done their job.

Further, please be aware this complaint is also cc to the USA Transportation Safety Administration (in furtherance of my formal complaint to them), and will be included in the new book.

I think a pattern is emerging here, re all the evidence that could have cleared Schapelle, and convicted the real criminals - evidence that was completely trashed and/or ignored by the AFP, e.g. the obvious mutual assistance request (above), that they failed to submit, the "Disappearing" CCTV and other flunked physical investigations (crucial to this case).

No wonder Michael Levine says the AFP should be prosecuted.

Regards, Kim

Addit Monday 10 January 2011

Rang the AFP around 10.20 am and spoke to a Stuart Campbell. He appeared to have no knowledge of the crime that was committed by Sydney Airport baggage handlers, on the 8th of October 2004 (the same workers who dealt with Schapelle's bags, at the same time). He didn't seem to understand why it was the responsibility of the Australian Federal Police to ensure the drugs (and their wrappings), found in Schapelle's luggage, were tested for finger prints, human DNA and plant source. He said the crime was committed "In Indonesia." So I explained to him, as carefully and as simply as I could, that considering the "Workers" who dealt with Schapelle's gear were known criminals, engaged in major criminal activity at the exact time she flew, maybe the AFP should have ensured this forensic testing was done, to either exclude these people, or find out if they were also involved in domestic marijuana smuggling - considering one of them had a known history of that activity.

Also, as well as being "Unaware" of this major criminal activity (described above), Stuart was unable to locate the formal complaint (above), and asked me to fax it through to them - so I did, page one here, page two here, and the recent letter from the Attorney General's Department.

Here's the confirmation I received from the AFP (via email), after I left a voicemail message, asking whether or not the above mentioned fax was received. And here's my reply.