Friday, December 3, 2010

Schapelle Corby & The Cover Up

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Dear Tony,

These are formal, public questions - also sent to Deputy Commissioner Mike Phelan, and your manager of Professional Standards, Mark Walters. Can you please ensure answers are provided within a reasonable time frame.

Further, I'm also forwarding this material to the USA Transportation Security Administration, in furtherance of my formal complaint to them re QANTAS Airlines, re potential corrupt collusion (with yourselves), in not arresting their criminal staff - and it will also be going in the book.

The Queensland Police Minister has unequivocally said (8th July 2010), that "No Investigation" was carried by the Queensland Police into any of Schapelle's issues, because the case was "Under the jurisdiction of the Australian Federal Police."

So, can you please answer some pertinent questions for me, that are very much in the public interest?

Without question, there has never been a commercial flow of marijuana from Australia, to Bali, for the very obvious reason the drug sell for a pittance there, compared to the price in Australia. All my research has confirmed this, and if you know any differently, please send me the public reports, research, academic comment etc. supporting your view. I've certainly never found any, though I've formally asked in all the right places.

It also goes without question that regardless of Schapelle's innocence or guilt, serious crimes had occurred in Australia, relating to the cultivation and supply of about $40,000 worth of marijuana (that's the Australian price of course, the Bali price was around a tenth of that, maybe even less). I would also draw your attention to this quote, re the links between organised crime, marijuana, domestic drug smuggling and airports:

"Of the 10 organized crime groups believed to be active in the illicit drug trade, the most predominant drugs smuggled were cocaine and marihuana, followed by heroin and khat. There were indications that the organized crime groups utilizing several Class 1 airports were involved in drug smuggling throughout Canada, which demonstrated domestic activity and not solely international importing and exporting through the airports." (page 17)

. . . from Project Spawn:

"A Strategic Assessment of Criminal Activity and Organized Crime Infiltration at Canada’s Class 1 Airports"

It would be more than a little naive to assume the Australian situation is (or was), any different, considering Clive Small's graphic description of "Tom":

"As well as cannabis, Tom trafficked in ecstasy and cocaine. He carried a gun. Once he kidnapped another dealer who had ripped off his South Australian bikie drug suppliers and put him in a car for delivery to the Adelaide gang. Tom told a court that he never saw the drug dealer again but that he didn’t consider it a kidnapping because ‘He never asked to get out [of the boot].’

Arrested several times, Tom bribed police in the ‘tens of thousands of dollars’ to reduce or beat the charges and at other times bribed them for information they might have had about his activities or the activities of his associates. By 2000 Tom was selling cocaine supplied by Hatfield. Four years later he was a partner with Hatfield who had progressed to become one of Aunty’s major distributors."

Who was also (amazingly), a QANTAS baggage handler working at Sydney Airport the very day Schapelle flew:

"He is identified only by the pseudonym Tom. In court documents revealed this week after police smashed the cocaine ring, he lurks as the character most likely to strike fear into the heart of a traveller.

He is not Hurley, notorious underworld figure, or another one of the accused - the high-flying former Macquarie Bank executive Ian Chalmers. Tom is someone rather less exotic but in a sense more sinister to the flying public: he was employed by Qantas at Sydney Airport. He may be there still, handling your bags." Sydney Morning Herald, 14 May 2005, Too Much Baggage.

I have formally asked QANTAS Airlines about this breathtaking fact, but so far, they've not even acknowledged my correspondence.

Anyway, to get back to my original inquiry, it would have been obvious to a blind man and his dog that anyone attempting to smuggle a commercial amount of marijuana FROM Australia TO Bali (considering the price differential), was either incredibly dumb and actively seeking to lose large amounts of money, or was NOT attempting this rather bizarre (and unheard of), crime. Rather, they were attempting the type of domestic marijuana smuggling described in "Project Spawn" above, and they stuffed up very, very badly . . .

Federal police say "it is a recognised criminal activity" for drug dealers to use innocent travellers as unsuspecting "mules". They have arrested baggage handlers at Sydney Airport for the offence. Drugs are inserted in luggage at one airport and a photograph of the target bag and its tag are emailed to the destination airport, where baggage handlers recover the drugs before the passenger collects the bag. Sydney Morning Herald March 5 2005

Or tell me Tony, is what's obvious to a blind man and his dog not obvious to the AFP, and do you reckon that's why senior/high profile USA investigator Michael Levine says you should be prosecuted for negligence?

So Tony, what did your motley crew do as regards the very obvious Australian crimes that were committed, e.g. the supply and cultivation of $40,000 worth of marijuana? Show any professional interest did we? Were premises relating to Schapelle and her luggage searched and forensically examined? Gold Coast journalist Tony Wilson (picture above), seems to think not. Did you check her phone and banking records for criminal connections? Interview any of her family, friends and associates? Or did you brazenly neglect this extremely basic police work, because you damn well knew she'd come up clean? Protecting your little pet scroat were you? Or do you believe in magic, and reckon the marijuana simply materialised itself out of thin air?

Please get back to me soon Tony, the whole World is watching.

Regards, Kim