Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Schapelle Corby - A Practical Christmas Gift for a Young Woman Imprisoned by Injustice, Circulated to Over 14,000 Facebook Supporters

Click on that picture to enlarge and read.

It's a news ad (Wednesday 14th December 2010), in my local paper (circulation nearly 20,000), and it cost me just over $36. Here the pic I used, and I simply asked them to shrink it down to the smallest size possible, whilst ensuring the writing was still legible. And let's face it, Schapelle's face is now a "Trademark" of sorts, instantly recognisable, and instantly sparking a whole range of associations. Pairing it with "Qantas Cover Up" sends an instant message.

Schapelle has over 14,000 supporters on Facebook alone, how about giving your own local paper a call? That's an awful lot of local ads . . .