Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Schapelle Corby & Project Storm

Click on that picture to enlarge and read. Created by Louise Hopkins, of Women for Schapelle. Full five page report here.

Here's the comments I added:
That report's extremely well put together, thank you Louise - "Project Storm" will certainly shake the foundations, as the documentary's beamed into homes all over the Globe, the book appears on shelves from London to Sydney (and all points in between), and placard waving/flyer bearing women pop up at many different QANTAS terminals (for later syndication on You Tube) - that's on top of the ongoing QANTAS Cover Up logo campaigns (bumper stickers, small stickers, mugs, Christmas cards, T Shirts, Tote bags, Fridge magnets & Email signatures), and the newspaper ads. My fridge magnet's already on proud display in the staff room at work, ditto my daughter's workplace, and three or four of my friends - and my thirty Christmas cards (with the logo on the back), are sent.

Then let's not forget to mention all the surprise elements just around the corner, and the growing interest of some high profile names in the American media, re this formal complaint to their Government about QANTAS - especially as there's a lot of insider chatter about a Hollywood production.