Sunday, December 5, 2010

Schapelle Corby & Spreading the Info at Christmas

Christmas is a great opportunity to spread information about Schapelle's fight for justice.

Her book makes a great gift (and maybe put a personal note inside, about lending it to others after reading), and if you already have a copy, think about passing it on to a friend who hasn't seen it.

You can also create Christmas cards, with a logo on the back, and other bits and pieces. If you're sending Christmas emails, don't forget the signature.

And as a "Present" to Schapelle, I'm putting this small ad, about the QANTAS Cover Up in the public notices section of my local newspaper. That won't cost very much, and I'll save the page, and send it to Mercedes, who can pass it on to Schapelle if she wants to.

And multiplied by many, many thousands (this blog post circulated on those pages), those simple actions make a HUGE difference.

Lastly (but very much not least), remember to send your personal message to Schapelle here.