Friday, December 17, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Sydney Morning Herald Claims Aussie Crooks Deliberately Incinerate Their Cash

Click on that fax page to enlarge and read (second page here). Sent to the Editor of The Sydney Morning Herald, asking for comment on their claims that Australian criminals regularly trash their cash by smuggling dope to Bali.

And here's Matthew Moore's article. In the 8th paragraph, he claims "Aussie Gold" was regularly sold on the streets of Bali for $600 an ounce (around October 2004, when Schapelle was arrested). That translates to $21 a gram. Here is The 2007 United Nations World Drug Report. Scroll down to page 234, and you will see this table, which quite clearly shows high grade Australian marijuana sold in Australia (at around that time), for $US31 a gram, which translates, with the exchange rates in place at that time, to $A40 a gram. So, using these figures, the 4.2 kilos of marijuana found in Schapelle's luggage was worth $79,800 less in Bali, than it was in Australia - so you'd have to have rocks in your head to deliberately smuggle it there, wouldn't you? And that's assuming this mythical trade in "Aussie Gold" even existed. With these figures staring you in the face, and zero hard evidence for it, it's a very long shot. In that case, the situation gets even more bizarre. On page 233 of that same 2007 UN Report, you'll find this table, which quite clearly says that in 2005, marijuana sold (in Indonesia), for a maximum of $US0.3 a gram, which translates to about 39 cents (Australian), a gram. That means 4.2 kilos of high grade marijuana could be sold for over $166,000 more in Australia, than in Bali.

Schapelle was, and remains, the only person ever (before or since), convicted of smuggling a commercial amount of marijuana from Australia, to Bali. Which means every border cop, in both Indonesia and Australia, is completely blind and stupid, or this trade does not exist, and never has. Looking at these figures, what's your verdict?