Saturday, December 11, 2010

Schapelle Corby, Terrorism in the Skies & Gutless Investigators

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Dear John,

I've just received this letter from your organisation, telling me you don't consider police corruption, which places millions of lives at risk on a daily basis, "Serious" enough to investigate. So shall we get some facts straight? Further, I also require a formal reply to this correspondence.

But before I continue, I think it's useful provide a graphic backdrop, for your information. Firstly, there's a book, and documentary in the pipeline, that will reach hundreds of thousands World wide (if not many, many more), considering the public's continuing fascination with this subject. Your name, your organisation and your decisions will be included. That's one aspect, another is this formal complaint to the USA Transportation Security Administration (re these matters), keenly followed by a senior American journalist, on a leading publication (nameless for the time being). Finally, who knows what's just around the corner, and how the public will react to this hard evidence of your indifference? How naked do you want to get? (watch the clip to end, to get the picture) Metaphorically speaking of course . . .

Here are the facts. On the 8th of October 2004, the day Schapelle flew from Sydney International Airport, Australia, The New South Wales Crime Commission had criminal QANTAS baggage handlers under formal surveillance. This was also the day these "Workers" facilitated the importation of 10 kilos of cocaine, in the bags of an innocent QANTAS passenger, and also the day the New South Wales Crime Commission trashed every single frame of CCTV relating to their activities, and later failed to arrest or charge a single one of them.

Adding to this miasma of corruption/incompetence, the former Assistant Commissioner of The New South Wales Crime Commission, Mark Standen, was in charge of this "Botched" surveillance. He's currently in prison, on very serious drug charges. And if that wasn't enough, his boss Philip Bradley later sold this cocaine on the streets of Sydney, then failed to "Notice" the alleged activities of his now jailed offsider, and has since firmly resisted any and all calls for a deeper inquiry into Standen's activities. And you're now seriously suggesting this drug dealer and blind man should investigate himself? You're a joke John, But it will be a very sour joke when a plane falls out of the sky, won't it?

So I'm formally asking you to re-consider your decision in the light of the above, and get back to me. I look forward to your reply. And at the end of this debacle, I promise you there won't be a single Government authority in Australia able to claim they "Didn't know" or they "Weren't informed." In other words, my expectations of you are extremely low (as regards meeting your responsibilities), but I'm fairly confident you'll do an excellent job in stripping yet another fig leaf from the establishment.

Regards, Kim