Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Top Secret Info, and Insider Tip Offs

Without doubt, Schapelle's case is very high profile - and even now, she's continually in the news. So if the Australian Government are under the impression they've managed to keep their "Secrets" about the way this innocent woman was set up by bungled corruption, they've got rocks in their head. The leaked paperwork and insider tip offs are multiple and ongoing. So if the outing of Custom Officer Caterina Magni's "Secret" report created major heartburn, what's waiting in the wings will cause full blown gastroenteritis (I hope they've got the loo roll stockpiled) - and the book will sink them (metaphorically speaking of course).

However, Schapelle's core supporters are spread all around the Globe, in a web of common interest, with no single person calling the shots, or hoarding material. My "Thing" is publicly rattling the cage, with easily accessible info. Others are better at gathering and collating hidden background stuff, and many good people have completed (and shared), key documents and tips.

Hierarchies are brittle and vulnerable, but a complex web of the heart never breaks.