Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Schapelle Corby & The Yellow Press

Peter Kerr, Matthew Moore's immediate boss, reckons it's perfectly fine to write an article that damns someone to hell, without quoting a single attributable source, or even doing a shred of attributable research to back up "Anonymous" claims. I know that, because I just asked him. I asked Peter if any of Matthew Moore's assertions (in a shonky article he wrote about Schapelle, at a key juncture), would stand up in court. He freely admitted they wouldn't, but said that was OK, because it was just a newspaper, and they "Didn't have to." He then point blank refused to answer any more questions, relating to the truth (or otherwise), of the piece, despite initially promising he would. Remember that folks, next time you're reading the Sydney Morning Herald, will you? Remember they now openly admit they can write any old crap, crap that wouldn't last 2 seconds in a court of law.

Since then, I've done a huge amount of my own research into Matthew Moore's fraudulent claims (and if he wasn't the architect, he was certainly dumbest dupe alive) - which will, very soon, be the subject of another post . . .