Sunday, February 28, 2010

KN2020 - at LAST, an investigation into Schapelle's "Supplier"

Bligh hides Qld police corruption?

. . . . let's hope not.

In 2004, someone (very possibly in Queensland), must have supplied Schapelle Corby with 4.2 kg of Marijuana, worth around $40,000 at the time (that's if she's "Guilty"). Obviously, this points fairly and squarely at a supplier working within organised crime. But the Queensland Police appear to have conducted NO investigation into how Schapelle Corby "Acquired" $40,000 worth of marijuana. This is extremely bizarre, so to-day, I rang Roma Street Police Station, and reported a crime. I reported that in 2004, a person most likely working within organised crime, apparently "Supplied" Schapelle Corby with $40,000 worth of marijuana, and that the Queensland Police completely failed to carry out any investigation into it. I reported that I wanted this apparent (quite bizarre), failure investigated. Surely to goodness, we can't just leave Queensland crime lords free to supply anybody and everybody with $40,000 worth of marijuana, now can we? Surely this deserves serious investigation?

So to-day I spoke to a Senior Constable Nolan, at Roma Street Police Station. She took down my complaint, but was quite incredulous. She said that "Of course" there MUST have been a Queensland Police investigation into HOW Schapelle acquired $40,000 worth of marijuana in Australia. I very firmly re-iterated that there wasn't, and I got the impression she thought I was crazy. I mean, for God's sake, OF COURSE the Queensland Police investigated it (to paraphrase Senior Constable Nolan's shocked reaction). Anyway (and God bless Senior Constable Nolan), she agreed to take down my complaint e.g., that NO Queensland Police investigation was carried out, and gave me a "Case" number, which was/is KN2020. I also gave my full contact details to Senior Constable Nolan.

Tomorrow, I will be calling Roma Street Police to inquire on the progress of KN2020. Should be interesting. Maybe (at last), the Queensland Police can flush out the culprit, you know, the swine who "Supplied" Schapelle Corby with $40,000 worth of marijuana - and it's about time they did. But wouldn't it be a bummer if they discovered the scumbag in question was the allegedly corrupt AFP cop, and colleague (many say friend), of Mick Keelty, Mark Standen? You know, the geezer who was heavily into smuggling drugs through Sydney Airport (via innocent passengers luggage), during a police drugs operation there, Operation Mocha, same day, same time, same terminal. And it would be an even bigger bummer if the complete failure of the AFP, and the Queensland Police, to do a proper "Investigation" of Schapelle's "Supplier" protected Mark Standen for another few years . . . and here (for the convenience of the Queensland Police), are key questions that need to be answered . . . (section 2 is especially relevant).

Update - Tuesday 2nd March 2010

Checked up on the above to-day. Eventually got put through to "Crime Stoppers" again, which (it appears), is where Senior Constable Nolan works (the officer who took my complaint last night, and gave me the reference number KN2020). This time I spoke to Police Officer Mark Beckman. He assured me that "Crime Stoppers" had forwarded KN2020 to The State Intelligence Group, and that the matter was now out of their hands, as Crime Stopper had forwarded the issues appropriately. So I therefore rang The State Intelligence Group (simply by calling Roma Street Police Headquarters, and asking for them), to check up on the progress of this major crime report.

I spoke to an Amanda on the switchboard there, who told me that The State Intelligence Group doesn't use numbers like KN2020 (it's a numbering system unique to "Crime Stoppers" apparently), and therefore there may be some problems "Tracking" the complaint. I told Amanda this was bizarre (in my view). What's the point of Crime Stoppers issuing reference numbers for complaints, if the police don't use them to track their progress? Anyway, I told Amanda that I'd already spoken to Crime Stoppers, who had confirmed this very serious complaint had been passed on to them (The State Intelligence Group), and that I (therefore), wanted to speak to someone in the State Intelligence Group, to ensure that it had been received, and find out who would be dealing with it.

Amanda told me that she'd pass my message on, and get someone to call me back. I never got an adequate explanation as to why she couldn't put me through to someone there and then, although I asked. I said if I hadn't heard back in a couple of hours, I'd call again. I then asked Amanda who was in overall charge of The State Intelligence Group, at which point she got very defensive with me, like she thought it was really strange I was even asking, and put the phone down on me.

Anyway, I rang Roma Police Street Police Head Quarters again, and simply asked the person on the switchboard who was in overall charge of The State Intelligence Group. They told me it was Robert Weir, and I asked to be put through to The State Intelligence Group again, and again spoke to Amanda. I explained that I'd already received the information I'd requested from her, from the switchboard, and asked why she'd put the phone down on me. It appears she was a bit confused about what I was asking . . . maybe she needs a little more training in customer communications? Though she assured me again (on this second phone call), that she had passed my message on, and someone would be calling me back.

Update - Tuesday 2nd March 2010, 3.20pm

Further to the above, no-one had called me back by around 3.10pm, so I rang the State Intelligence Group again. Again, I spoke to Amanda on the switchboard. She put me straight through to a Senior Sergeant Bruce Miller. He said that he was aware of my complaint, and also mentioned (without my prompting), a fact I'd mentioned in my previous conversation with Senior Constable Nolan, e.g. that there was no police search of Schapelle's Father's duplex at Tugun, on the Gold Coast, even though Schapelle packed her bags there (before her flight to Bali). See Section 2, question 2 HERE , so I gave Senior Sergeant Bruce Miller those web details, and told him he could access all the unanswered questions there. He wrote them down.

So then Bruce told me he'd allocated my complaint a Q-Prime number, and had passed it on to the State Drug Squad, which was part of the State Crime Operations Command I asked Bruce what that number was, but he couldn't tell me, as he wasn't logged into the computer at the time - however, he said anyone could find it, simply by searching for the name "Schapelle Corby." I asked Bruce when I'd be hearing anything further, he said someone would be in touch in "Due course."

Here's the command structure of State Crime Operations Command . . .

State Crime Operations Command
Assistant CommissionerRoss Barnett
336 46889phone
Chief SuperintendentMick Condon
336 46316phone
Staff OfficerInsp Joanne Aitken
336 46675phone
Executive SecretaryRachael Williamson
336 46889phone

So I'll be in touch if I've not heard back within a couple of days . . . because a young Australian women is dying in an Indonesian hell hole, for a crime that was never investigated.

Update - Wednesday 3rd March 2010

Well, after getting shoved around from one police department to the other this morning, I'm feeling a bit like Asterix, but we eventually got there. Ended up speaking to Geoff Davies, who is a plains clothes sergeant in the State Drug & Property Crime Group, in their Intel section. He confirmed that he is now in personal receipt of my original complaint, and that it's his job to assess that complaint, advise on it, and pass it on as appropriate. I therefore asked Geoff if I could have his personal email address, so I could pass some further information on to him. He kindly agreed, so I sent him THIS and THIS I will phone Geoff again tomorrow, to get an update. After all this is urgent, an Australian woman is dying in an Indonesian hell hole, convicted of a crime that was never investigated.

Update - Friday 5th March 2010

I rang Roma Street Police Headquarters, and asked to speak to Geoff Davies in The State Drug & Property Crime Group (to get an update on the above). I got put through to that department, and spoke to Amanda, who told me she's a secretary. She told me that Geoff Davies is not in to-day, and is not expected back at work until Sunday 7th March. I gave her a message, asking Geoff Davies to call me. I gave her my home phone number, and my mobile number. Amanda took those details down, and said she'd send Geoff Davies an email. When I next speak to Geoff, I'll ask for an update on progress so far, as I believe the export and supply of $40,000 worth of marijuana in this country is a very serious crime. I'll also be asking for his expert opinion on why Brisbane Domestic Airport, Sydney Domestic Airport and Sydney Domestic Airport weren't immediately treated like the formal crime scenes they were, which should have included the immediate (and expert), preservation of physical evidence/CCTV. I'll also be asking him if Tony Wilson's assertions (on page 22 of his book), in regard to no Queensland Police searches of highly possible crime scenes (that were under Queensland Police jurisdiction), are correct.

Update - Sunday 7th March 2010

Geoff Davies, plains clothes police officer in the State Drug & Property Crime Group eventually rang me back just before midday (thanks Geoff), after I rang him this morning and couldn't get through. I'd left a message with one of his colleagues.

Geoff said he's still looking into the issues, but he'd had some trouble accessing some of the links I'd sent him, because of certain restrictions on Government computers (e.g. in relation to accessing external websites). Geoff said he'd be able to overcome these problems soon though.

I asked Geoff if it's routine police procedure to immediately preserve all physical evidence at crime scenes (like CCTV), and Geoff said that was correct, although the Queensland Police don't have responsibility for airports, and he couldn't comment on Australian Federal Police activities. However, in my view, what with a major AFP drugs operation running at Sydney Airport on the very day Schapelle flew (Operation Mocha), and then the immediate reporting of a high profile crime ($40,000 worth of marijuana in Schapelle's luggage at Bali Airport), allegedly originating from Brisbane Domestic Airport, through Sydney Domestic and Sydney International, it's inconceivable that not a single frame of CCTV from any of those three terminals was immediately preserved. In fact, if that's the case, heads should roll, and major questions should be asked (in my opinion).

I also mentioned (again), that Schapelle's premises at Tugun and Loganlea (where she packed, then stayed the night before her departure), had not been examined by the Queensland Police. Geoff said he wasn't in the job at that time, but he'd certainly be looking into that aspect. He said he'd call me back on Wednesday, and I thanked him for that. Geoff was very pleasant and easy to talk to, and seemed to take note of what I was saying.

Update - Wednesday 10th March 2010

As far as I'm aware, there was no phone call from Geoff to-day as promised (see above). I'm available Friday morning (12th March), if he can call me then please. I need an update on what the Queensland Police are doing in relation to investigating the supply and export of $40,000 worth of marijuana. Can't even call it a "Re-investigation," simply because there was no serious or professional probe in the first place.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Schapelle goes late night shopping . . .

. . . at the Logan Hyperdome, Loganholme - Thursday 25th February 2010. More outings planned - and it's also a great place to go for the voters of Forde and Bowman

Well, we wish it was REALLY true, because it's the just the ordinary, every day kind of thing Schapelle should be doing, rather than being banged up in a squalid Bali prison However, she was there in spirit. How? Well, a few polite, middle aged women, wearing Schapelle Corby t-shirts wandered through the crowds, gently handing out this graphic business card to shoppers, staff and diners. I believe around a 1,000 cards were distributed. The reception was great. Quite a few women had read the book - and the overwhelming majority had read the magazine articles.

So what now? Well, there's another couple of thousand cards in the pipeline, and many more late night shopping trips to go before the next election . . .

So I guess it's also not looking good for the coppers who told the minister this about Schapelle, when in fact, the opposite was true. Dear oh dear, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive, at least, that's what my grandma always used to say . . .

Stop press . . .

Schapelle goes late night shopping again soon (at least in spirit), at Morayfield . . .

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Attorney General on the line re Mick Keelty & Schapelle Corby

Dear Robert,

A few days ago, I lodged a complaint to the Australian Federal Police, alleging criminal incompetence and/or corruption, in relation to Mick Keelty's handling of Schapelle Corby's issues. The next day, they sent me off on a wild goose chase to Quentin Bryce, the Governor General, and HERE'S my scathing verdict on that incompetence.

Anyway Robert, HERE'S the missive I sent Quentin Bryce as a result, so now that communication/complaint to Quentin (about Mick Keelty), is in your lap to investigate and report on. Can you please do so. I'll phone your office tomorrow to make sure you have this very serious matter in hand, and find out what the next step is - so I'm sure the next episode in this blog will also be published/circulated tomorrow.

Best wishes, Kim

Urgent update Friday 26th February 2010 (am)

Robert, please also investigate, as a matter of urgency, the gross discrepancy between this letter, and these facts . . .

Further update Friday 26th February 2010 (2.15pm)

Well, I rang the Attorney General's office, at Parliament House, Canberra, on (02) 6277 7300. I spoke to Brooke, who answered the phone. She listened to me politely and attentively, and confirmed I was speaking to the right person, and the right office. However, she was unable to say whether or not the Attorney General had received my correspondence (above), and told me she'd have to do a "Correspondence search." I said fine, and gave her my full name, address, phone numbers and email, to make things easier for her. She noted it all down. I also explained (at length), that my complaint related to possible corrupt behaviour on the part of a former AFP chief (Mick Keelty), in relation to his handling of the Schapelle Corby issues.

So then I asked Brooke when I'd be hearing from Robert McClelland. She said it could take 28 days for me to get an acknowledgment. I told her to tell Robert McLelland (personally), that if I didn't get an acknowledgment within 7 days, I'd be phoning again for an update. At that point Brooke became a little incredulous, and (I felt), a bit abrupt. It didn't seem to compute that I wanted that message to go straight to Robert McLelland. However, I'll be calling Brooke back on Monday 1st March 2010, to make sure that my correspondence turned up the "Search" Brooke promised, and to find out if the urgency of the situation had indeed been relayed to Robert. After all, as well over 1.6 million New Idea readers have been told in a recent article, Schapelle is dangerously ill, and her life is quite literally hanging by a thread - and as New Idea also noted, that horrifying situation has been thoroughly documented in an extensive written report by one of Australia's top psychiatrists, Dr. Jonathan Phillips

Further update Monday 1st March 2010

I rang Robert McLelland's office around 1.40pm, and spoke to Yvette, who works on the switchboard (as she explained when I asked). I said that I had spoken to Brooke on Friday 26th February 2010 (see above), and also explained I was following up on a very serious issue, e.g. a complaint re possibly corrupt behaviour on the part of a former Federal police chief, Mick Keelty. I also explained that Brooke had promised to do a correspondence search, to ensure that my missives had been received. Yvette was very helpful, and confirmed that my correspondence had been received, but also said (when I asked), that it could be up to 6 weeks before I heard anything back in writing. I was very concerned about this, and I wasn't sure if Yvette understood that this wasn't just a "Letter" to the Attorney General, it was formal, official complaint re potentially corrupt behaviour, by a high ranking Federal police officer. I asked to speak to a secretary, and without any problems, I was put through to Katherine. I again explained the situation to Katherine, who again confirmed that all my correspondence had been received. Unfortunately, she also told me that it could be up to 6 weeks before I hear anything at all - and also explained that the automatic, electronic reply to emails (which I received), counts as "Acknowledgment." I did press the point (again), that this wasn't just a "Letter" to the Attorney General, it was a formal, official complaint relating to possibly criminal behaviour. I also explained that I had been formally referred to the Attorney General, by the Australian Federal Police, after (at first), being given a formal "Case" number. Katherine asked if I had included the "Case number" in my complaint to Robert McLelland, and I said that I had. However, she still wasn't hopeful of a response within 6 weeks. Nevertheless, I told her to pass on a message to Robert McLelland, and she said she would. I asked her to tell him I would be calling back on Friday (5th February 2010), to get a further update on the progress of my complaint, and blogging about it. And when I do ring back on Friday, I will want to know who (physically), has my complaint in hand, and what the next step is.

Australian Federal Police, just a bad Monty Python Skit?

Top, Robert McClelland - Attorney General of Australia

Bottom, John Cleese . . .

Well, well, well - seems the woman from the AFP who rang me yesterday, telling me to take my complaint about Mick Keelty to Quentin Bryce, the Governor General, badly needs some more staff training. Maybe they could send her to the same re-education camp as Mick, who doesn't seem to know his cocaine from his elbow.

I rang Quentin Bryce's office this morning, and spoke to a completely delightful lady there, Nina Dunn (admin assistant), who was as dumfounded as I was. She reckoned the AFP had stuffed up (not her words, I'm just paraphrasing her reaction), and meant to say Robert McClelland, Attorney General. Gives you great confidence, doesn't it? Investigate Mick Keelty for corruption, when they can't even be bothered to get the basics right? Shows you how seriously they take this stuff, doesn't it . . . pretty scary.

Anyway, the delightful Nina said she wouldn't reply to my missive to Quentin Bryce, re Mick Keelty's alleged corruption, because she'd now cleared up the confusion, so there wasn't any need. I said that would be fine. Nina also added that the Governor General get hundreds of emails all the time from Australians, asking her to help Schapelle Corby . . .

Monday, February 22, 2010

Quentin Bryce on the line re Mick Keelty & Schapelle Corby . . .

Dear Ms Bryce,

Re: Potential criminal negligence and/or corruption in relation to ex-AFP Chief Mick Keelty's handling of Schapelle Corby's issues

I'm writing to you re the above because the Australian Federal Police have formally advised me this is my only option. Apparently, it is not within their jurisdiction to investigate these matters. They pointed me in your direction, and I'm awaiting their promised formal letter confirming this. HERE are the details of my initial complaint re Mick Keelty, and HERE is the AFP, declining to carry this matter forward (and referring me to you).

I'm just a middle aged registered nurse (mental health), and mother to three young adults. I also live in Yugambeh region (near Jimboomba myself), as did Schapelle. An elder of the region, a beautiful woman who is friend to both you and me (I met her at Binna Burra, The Ethos Foundation, when she was giving a "Welcome to Country"), is also sending her prayers to Schapelle, to "Sing" her back home.

In a nutshell, I am alleging that Mick Keelty completely failed to carry out ANY criminal investigation of Schapelle's alleged "Crime" in Australia, as detailed in section 2 of these questions, and that Mick Keelty also knowingly gave damaging and untrue statements to the media about Schapelle Corby, as detailed in section 11 of these questions. Could you please investigate these extremely serious matters, officially report on them, and recommend appropriate action.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Warmest wishes, Mrs Kim Bax

Mick Keelty under investigation? Day 2

Tony Negus - current AFP Chief

Well, I rang the Australian Federal Police again this morning (in Sydney on 02 9286 4000), and spoke to a very nice lady called Chris on The National Switchboard for the AFP. I asked to speak to Tony Negus. Chris told me that Tony Negus doesn't take calls from the public, so I then explained that my issues related to potential corruption vis a vis Mick Keelty (and my formal complaint relating to it), and that while I was on the phone, I'd also like to discuss (with Tony Negus), re-opening an investigation into the mysterious death of Gary Lee-Rogers, as I guess the coroner may have been a bit nervous of bloodied knives herself in the circumstances.

Chris was excellent. She said she'd speak to Tony Negus's office (possibly his personal assistant), to find out if they'd take the call. She was gone for a while. When she came back, she told me his office had refused to speak to me. So then Chris put me through to The Complaints Management Team. I spoke to a Sue Spencer.

Sue was very pleasant, and as helpful as she could be under the circumstances. I gave her my complaint number (4077), and directed her to sections 2 and 11 of these questions. I said the information in those sections went to the core of my complaint about Mick Keelty. I also informed her I'd sent this letter about Gary Lee-Rogers to many, many newspapers, and that I was also blogging (daily), about the progress of complaint number 4077 - and circulating the link far and wide. So I also suggested that in those circumstances, she might want to pass that info on to Tony Negus. Sue said she would consider doing that (no promises).

I asked who now has control of my complaint, and what type of time frame I could expect. Sue said she wasn't "In" the computer system at the time of our call, so she couldn't look up those facts straight away, and that a "Time frame" was a bit difficult to pin down. I asked her what would be a good time to call back, so someone would be able to access the computer system for that information. Sue suggested tomorrow. I said I'd do that.

So tomorrow, I'll be ringing the AFP again - and again, I'll be asking to speak to Tony Negus. He can take my call or otherwise, but whatever his decision, it will be on public record. I'll also do as Sue suggested, and get someone to check the AFP computer systems re complaint number 4077.

Urgent update

Not very long after posting the above, I had phone call from Kelly Knight, of The Complaints Co-ordination Team (AFP), saying that my complaint against Mick Keelty had been terminated by the AFP, because she said it was a "Non-complaint" under part 5 of the AFP Act 1979 - and that I'd have to take my complaint to Quentin Bryce, Governor General of Australia. She also said the AFP was unable to re-investigate the death of Gary Lee-Rogers (despite the fact he was a serving Australian Protective Services Officer at the time of his death), because the death did not occur under their jurisdiction. She said I'd have to contact the NSW Police in regard to that (as it occurred in their geographical area). I said I'd get straight on both Quentin Bryce and the commissioner of the NSW Police. Kelly also said she was also drafting a letter to me to-day. I asked her to also email it to me as a PDF document, so I could expedite it's publication to the web ASAP. She said she'd try, but wasn't sure if that would be possible. In any case, at whatever point in time that I receive it, it will be published.

So there you are fellow Australians, if you ever want to report an ex-AFP chief for potential criminal misconduct and corruption, don't complain to the AFP about it - and if you ever want to ask them how one of their serving officers died from "Natural causes" accompanied by a bloodied knife and pillow case, after frantic warning his death "Wouldn't be an accident," don't go to the AFP about that either. Only in Australia, eh?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mick Keelty under investigation?

I followed up on my phone call of yesterday to the Australian Federal Police, and put a formal and official complaint re Mick Keelty's possibly corrupt behaviour in relation to Schapelle Corby.

My first port of call (or where I was directed to from the switchboard), was a very nice young woman called Kelly, working for the AFP Complaints Co-ordination Team. She was pleasant and professional, and took her time figuring out where to direct me. I think she may have been a bit overwhelmed when I bluntly said I was reporting Mick Keelty for potential corruption, but she remained very helpful and polite.

Anyway, I was then put through to an officer Scott (badge number 19859), who was a complete delight to talk to. He was respectful, listened well, and took my issues seriously. I directed him to these questions, and told him that my complaints against Mick Keelty related to both Section 2, and Section 11. Section 2 details the complete lack of police investigation re Schapelle's "Crime" in Australia, and section 11 details Mick Keelty's apparent lies to the Australian media, about Schapelle (apparent for the time being, until there is any other official explanation).

Scott agreed with me that if Schapelle had committed the crime she's accused of, then of course, she would also have committed a crime in Australia, as the drugs would have been supplied to her here. Scott also agreed when I said it would have been an organised crime connection, as you don't get 4.2 kg of marijuana randomly hanging around on street corners. Therefore, the complete failure of the Australian police to commence ANY kind of investigation into this aspect is, in my view, a corrupt act which is crying out for investigation. That was point 1 of my formal complaint against Mick Keelty.

Now to point 2, re Mick Keelty's apparent lies to the Australian media. I pointed out to Scott that my facts (in relation to the questions in section 11), were gleaned from Schapelle's book, which has since sold over 100,000 copies, and has been around for about 4 years. To my knowledge, Mick Keelty hasn't sued for libel yet - and I also said Kathryn Bonella (a professional journalist and author), wasn't likely to pepper her work with falsehood and leave herself open to legal action. Therefore, I could only assume the facts were correct. So Mick Keelty's apparent lies (in section 11), were point 2 of my complaint against him.

Scott did ask if I had all the details and dates of Keelty's statements to the media, and he was quite satisfied when I said that if he looked at the relevant questions (sec 11), he'd find everything he needed to know.

Anyway, that done with, I asked Scott what the next step was. He said the matter would be allocated a file/case number, and that he'd ring me back with it. Probably an hour later, Scott did just that. It's complaint number 4077 - and I'll be ringing the AFP everyday from here on in, to find out just how 4077 is progressing. Further, I'll also be blogging the results from here on in, until justice is done.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Re-investigate Garry Lee Rogers death . . .


Letter to the editor, 21st Feb 2010, 94 words . . .

Heard of Gary Lee Rogers? No? Kevin Rudd and Federal Police Chief Tony Negus have. He was an honest cop who died in mysterious circumstances after blowing the whistle on corruption. So after last weekend’s press revelations (21 Feb, Herald Sun), “Australian Airport Staff Smuggle Drugs and Guns,” maybe it’s time to re-investigate Gary’s “Natural” death, after he was found with a bloodied knife and pillow. He’d also warned friends and associates that if he disappeared, it wouldn’t be suicide. So what’s bottom line? If honest cops aren’t safe, none of us are.

Update 30 August 2011 - A Petition calling for a Royal Commission into The Australian Federal Police

Update 3 Sept 2011 - A new blog about Gary Lee Rogers that contains many buried news articles about this brave officer.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Complaint to Tony Negus, current AFP Chief . . .

Email to Senator Claire Moore . . .

Dear Claire, (CC The World)

I've just called the Australian Federal Police on 07 3222 1222 and asked them to investigate Mick Keelty's apparent (for the moment, until I can ANY official response at all), lies and corrupt behaviour in relation to the Schapelle Corby issues:

(scroll down to section 11)

They assured me (when I asked), that my call was being recorded - and they also have my full name and contact details, which I gave them before they even asked. I also assured them that I'm merely a middle aged registered nurse, bent on a legal and peaceful path at all times. Further, I asked for the information I was giving them to be passed straight on to Tony Negus, and strongly suggested that Tony Negus should contact you re the grass roots publicity this issue has already received, and will continue to receive. I also mentioned Gary Lee Rogers, and the questions that many people are still asking about his death. The woman I was speaking to didn't know who Gary Lee Rogers was, but I assured her that both Mick Keelty and Tony Negus would recognise the name immediately.

Regards, Kim

AFP Sells out an Australian citizen?

Dear Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, could you please explain THIS official memo to Schapelle Corby, re outright denial of forensic testing of the seized marijuana . . .

. . . in the light of THIS Commonwealth law . . .


And while you're pondering that, please note that THESE crucial questions also remain ignored by you (and not even ACKNOWLEDGED):

Regards, Kim

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Senator Claire Moore gets ANOTHER reminder for Kevin Rudd . . .

Email to Senator Claire Moore, 11th Feb 2010 . . .

Hi Claire,

These questions to Kevin Rudd have been with him for AGES now . . .

And when I rang his office around three weeks ago, I was told I'd get an answer in two weeks, but there's been absolute silence. Can you please find out for when he'll be answering those questions (I want a date), and get back to me? This is extremely urgent, as it appears Kevin Rudd is either refusing to answer those questions, or actively avoiding them while a young woman's life (an Australian citizen), quite literally hangs in the balance.

Thank you, Kim

Claire's reply (11th Feb 2010) . . .

I will follow up with the PM'office

And . . .

Hi Kim,

Have received your email and have sent it on to the PMs office.

Kind regards,

Dan McIntyre

Dan McIntyre | Office of Senator Claire Moore
( +61 7 3252 7101 |Ê +61 7 3252 8957|8

Saturday, February 6, 2010

More questions to Kevin Rudd . . .

Some excellent comments from D J Wolf, reproduced here . . .

"Most Australians have been lead to believe that stupid Australians are still taking marijuana to Bali because "big money can be made selling Australian marijuana there." However, anyone who has been to Bali and has been harrassed by Indonesian drug dealers following the tourists like blow flies knows how preposterous such an idea is. Regardless, Schapelle is still in prison and the Australian government has launched no inquiry or investigation into this alleged drug flow. Is it possible that the Australian government doesn't care if Australians are poisoning the youth of Indonesia?

The questions I would like to ask Rudd are as follows:

    1. Are Australians taking commercial quantities of marijuana to Bali?

    2. What investigations have been done to validate this alleged flow of drugs?

    3. Since no such flow of drugs appears to have been validated by a lack of seizures and arrests, why is Schapelle Corby still in prison?

    4. Why wasn't the complete lack of motive for Schapelle's crime made clear at her trial, to the Indonesian government, to the UN, and in applications to the Hague?

    5. Which was the truth and which were the lies? That the Brisbane CCTV footage was in good order and disappeared, that the cameras were under repair, or that the cameras were only switched on when persons of importance were known to be at the airport?

    6. Since all three stories cannot be true, at least two of them are proven lies. What investigation was carried out and what disciplinary action was taken against the liars?

    7. Why was there a need to lie if the Brisbane CCTV footage did not present a political dillema?

    8. How could there be a political dilemma if the Brisbane CCTV footage was inconclusive or showed Schapelle to be guilty?

    9. Why was it problematic for the Australian government to present evidence at Schapelle's trial? Why was this regarded as interference rather than assistance?

    10. Surely it would have been assistance if she were guilty and only interference if she were innocent?

    11. Since Indonesia claims to be a democracy surely they didn't want to convict the wrong person. How can a court that claims to adhere to the rule of law never be wrong?

    12. Given that Australia's national heroes such as the convicts, the diggers at Eureka, Ned Kelley and the Anzacs were all 'Australian battlers' before being used, abandoned, victimised, framed and sacrificed by those governing this nation of ours to appease some foreign power, what hope do you and your predecessor have, Prime Minister, that you will not also be demonised in history when a bronze statue of Schapelle Corby marks the houses of parliament with the words 'Never again appeasement' to herald in the new republic? With what excuse should coming generations remember you?

That's just a few from the top of my head. The point is that "What are you doing to get Schapelle home" is the question our government wants us to ask because they have a ready answer that equates to 'we are doing all we can to bring every criminal home'."

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Please email Kim . . . .

. . . at:

If you're prepared to be involved in direct action for Schapelle in your local electorate (or a very nearby one). Things like leafletting railway stations at peak hour (good potential for you tube clips) and getting your photo taken outside the local Federal members office, with a placard supporting Schapelle - in fact anything creative (start brainstorming), that is completely peaceful and legal, in support of Schapelle.

Hugs to all the great supporters out there . . . . ;-)