Monday, January 31, 2011

Schapelle Corby - A Global Press Release About QANTAS

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Schapelle Corby, QANTAS & Texas Radio


Yesterday, Monday 31st January 2011, I rang QANTAS, and spoke to their media department, a pleasant gentleman who said he'd pass my questions on to their Head of Security, Steve Jackson, who (he told me), he knew.

Anyway, I informed QANTAS there are several interviews lined up on TEXAS radio, re the fact their baggage handlers imported over 65 million dollars of worth cocaine into Australia, in 2004 (in the bags of innocent airline passengers), but were never arrested or charged for their crimes (serious ones, documented and admitted by the Australian Federal Police) - and I asked him to get back to me ASAP if this wasn't correct. He said he would, and I look forward to a call.

I also added that full page ads in the local Dallas/Fort Worth press are a distinct possibility, as well as a pointed mention of QANTAS baggage handler "Tom," his shonky employment history, and record Government payout.

I said I'd spoken to Steve Jackson on the 9th of August 2010 (after he rang me at home), who, as well as confirming NO QANTAS baggage handlers were ever arrested or charged in relation to this cocaine importation, said QANTAS wasn't "In the game of policing," and told me I could quote him on that (I will).

I also noted this info is apparently confirmed in this formal QANTAS report of July 2005 (page 42) - and I later discovered these three press reports . . .

SMH, 10th May 2005
"Police yesterday arrested 11 men, including a former NSW police sergeant and a former merchant banker, in raids throughout the city and have charged them with conspiring to smuggle and supply 20-30 kilograms of cocaine. Although none of the men were baggage handlers, police say they believe the syndicate could not have sneaked suitcases filled with drugs past customs for more than a year without the help of handlers, the Herald has learnt."

The Melbourne Age, May 11th 2005
"None of the men arrested yesterday have been identified as baggage handlers."

So, I look forward to some feedback from QANTAS, I'm waiting . . .

Schapelle Corby - The Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity is Wilfully Blind

Click on the above to enlarge and read. A letter from ACLEI, dated 25th January 2011, in relation to Schapelle Corby. Received on the 31st of January 2011.

Dear Phillip,

Thank you for the above letter.

Now please explain the following to me, and the Global public . . . as I'm sure your "Investigations" must have revealed the answers . . .

1. Why did the Australian Federal Police . . .

a) . . . fail to preserve a single frame of CCTV relating to either Schapelle or her luggage (from three Australian Airports, see point 9 of The Evidence File).

b) . . . fail to access the Mutual Assistance Treaty with Indonesia, in order to ensure the physical evidence was forensically examined (see point 10 of The Evidence File), and also lie about this crucial testing to the media.

c) . . . fail to investigate the Australian grower and supplier of the drugs found in Schapelle's bag (see point 12 of The Evidence File).

. . . in order to discover the true perpetrator of this Federal crime as . . .

i) . . . it was highly unlikely Schapelle was a criminal engaged in drug smuggling, in fact this supposition was (and is), patently absurd (see points 1, 2, 3, 6 & 13 of The Evidence File).

ii) . . . there was massive evidence of insider corruption at Australian airports (see points 14 & 16 of The Evidence File).

iii) . . . there was clear evidence from other airline passengers (and staff), of corrupt activity at Australian airports (see point 17 of The Evidence File).

iv) . . . it was bizarre, to the point of absurdity, to imagine such an "Amateur" smuggling attempt made it past the extensive security measures at three Australian airports (see point 5 of The Evidence File).

v) . . . her luggage was easily available to corrupt insiders (see point 7 of The Evidence File).

I look forward to your formal and comprehensive response to these legitimate questions. In reply, please reproduce points 1 a, b and c (above), for clarity - and provide your answers beneath. I will phone you later on to-day (Tuesday 1st February 2011), to ensure you are in receipt of this correspondence - and follow up formally (again), in four weeks time, on Tuesday 1st March 2011, if I have had no response by then.

Further, please also treat this letter as a formal FOI request to ACLEI, for any and all documentation relating to my formal complaints to you, vis a vis your now "Completed" inquiries.

I also note your "Investigations" in relation to the QANTAS baggage handlers are continuing, as well as your investigations into "Tom." I look forward to hearing from you on those matters.

Regards, Kim

PS - This correspondence is now formally noted at point 18 in The Evidence File, in the sixth starred paragraph within that section.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Schapelle Corby & A Letter To Texas

Dear Texas,

There's a few thing you should know about QANTAS Airlines and Australia, before that nation's national airline is flying into Dallas and Fort Worth.

In 2004, the airline's baggage handlers smuggled 200 kilos of cocaine, worth over 65 million Australian dollars, into Australia (via Sydney Airport), using the bags of innocent airline passengers, and they were never arrested or charged for their crimes - as openly stated on page 42 of this formal QANTAS report, and as (also), openly admitted by Steve Jackson, Head of Security (QANTAS).

Inexplicably, some of these QANTAS baggage handlers had never held a non-criminal job in their life before working for the airline - and their "Head of Security" was later sacked for his known connections to organised crime figures.

And now, even though the Australian Federal Police openly admit these "Workers" are criminals, they are still refusing to act against them - so a national advertising campaign on this serious issue is booked. Baggage handlers at Heathrow airport (London, UK), were engaged in exactly the same crime in 2004, and were given very long sentences.

At the moment, an innocent Australian woman is rotting in an Indonesian hell hole (for 20 years), as a result of these criminals, and it's no joke (Australian satire about QANTAS baggage handlers from The Chaser, a very popular TV programme).

Tragically, her bags were handled by these "Workers" on the exact day, and at the exact time, they were committing other crimes - and the stash left in her bags (a domestic drug shipment), was accidentally "Missed."

So Texas, you have been warned . . .

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Schapelle Corby & Another Global Letter to The Editor

Just to let you know, from now on, this 38-word Letter to the Editor . . .

QANTAS baggage handlers, workers for Australia’s national airline, smuggled over 65 milion dollars of worth cocaine in 2004, stashing it in the bags of innocent passengers. They were never arrested or charged. Why? See for more info.”

. . . is going out (daily), to ten newspapers in each country . . .

Australia (List)

New Zealand (List)

The UK (List)

Canada (List)

The USA (List)

And posted on every newspaper's Facebook page, where available.

Regards, Kim

Friday, January 28, 2011

Schapelle Corby & A Global Letter To The Editor

Just to let you know, from now on, this 58-word Letter to the Editor . . .

“Indonesian terrorists de-capitated three children on their way to school in 2005. They got 14 years. That same year, a young Australian woman was sentenced to 20 years for four kilos of marijuana, after a trial that flouted Indonesian law, and blatantly denied her every shred of physical evidence she begged for. See for more info.”

. . . is going out (daily), to ten newspapers in each country . . .

Australia (List)

New Zealand (List)

The UK (List)

Canada (List)

The USA (List)

And posted on every newspaper's Facebook page, where available.

Regards, Kim

Schapelle Corby, Cindy Wockner & The Bleeding Obvious

You've obviously not read your George Lakoff, that's bit slack for a journalist, isn't it? Did the dog eat your homework? Though I must say I love it, the sight of the corrupt Australian establishment denying the bleeding obvious is a joy to behold. In article that's "Not" about Schapelle, she headlines your piece in words and pictures. I'm reminded of the John Cleese skit, Don't Mention the War . . .

And BTW Cindy, here's the email I sent Greg Moriarty yesterday - you (and the rest of corporate Australia), might want to take note . . .

Greg Moriarty, Australian Ambassador to Indonesia

Hi Greg,

I'm one of the founding members of Women for Schapelle. Just to let you know, bi-lateral with Indonesia will take a very big swan dive when the coming films, book and feature articles in relation to Schapelle Corby are released (Globally), and it would be a smart move to get this innocent woman out of that squalid hell hole by then.

Here's The Evidence File (only the tip of the iceberg):

. . . and here's the coming full page news ad:

Regards, Kim

PS Greg, I also note your comments in this film snippet:

. . . in relation to ensuring Australian citizens get fair treatment under the laws of the sentencing nation. So please note, as an Australian citizen, Schapelle was heavily discriminated against:

Her trial and sentencing were in contravention of the Indonesian legal code:

Something also commented on by Civil Liberties Australia, via a lawyer with extensive experience in Indonesia:

And all these facts are fully referenced at point 19, in The Evidence File:

And one more thing? This is all going to explode in a blaze of publicity very, very soon.

Regards again, Kim

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Schapelle Corby - ACLEI, Please Return My Call

And here's a graphic 24 January 2012 UPDATE, plus a 26 Jan 2012 no-holds-barred letter to the Chair of The Parliamentary Joint Committee on The Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity HERE


I rang Chris (a senior detective), at ACLEI yesterday, but he wasn't available, and didn't return my call. I wanted his professional opinion on the above quote from the Australian Federal Police, before this ad runs in hard copy, as well as on Facebook.

I rang him again this morning, Friday 28th January 2011 (around 9am), but he couldn't come to the phone, so I left a message and asked him to call me back - because I also want to know if his boss, Phillip Moss, personally received some correspondence (addressed to him), sent eleven days ago on the 17th January 2011. I spoke to "Chris" about this a week ago (Friday 21st January 2011), but "Chris" couldn't say one way or the other. So I asked him to look into it to for me, and said I'd call back a week later, to inquire again.

I look forward to hearing from you Chris . . .

PS - This info is now formally referenced in The Evidence File, point 18, last paragraph.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Boomerang Books Promotes "Hotel Kerobokan" & Author Kathryn Bonella

Click on the pic above to read a screen grab from their Facebook page (over 2,000 fans). Here's the promotion they're running (Thursday 27th January 2011), and here's the comments left on their page, with the live links:
Great news guys, and maybe the Australian Government might answer the 65 Million Dollar Question, and finally tell the Australian people the truth . . .
Also, check out The Evidence File:
And join Women for Schapelle (guys welcome too):

Schapelle Corby & The 65 Million Dollar Question

Click on that pic to enlarge and read the screen grab of comments posted on the Facebook page of The Independent Newspaper, UK. The live links in that comment are here and here.

Now, this morning I rang all these people . . .

. . . asking if someone could get back to me (please), to explain (before this ad runs), why QANTAS baggage handlers, who helped to import over 65 million dollars worth of cocaine into Australia (in 2004), were never arrested or charged.

I await a response with great interest, and now no-one can say they weren't given a fair chance to provide an explanation, before the presses roll.

And in the meantime (leading up to hard copy publication), multiple Global Facebook pages will be updated as above.

PS - This info is now formally linked/referenced at The Evidence File, point 14 (c)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Schapelle Corby & A Frightening Survey (New Zealand TV)

Click on that picture to enlarge & read. Facebook comments also posted here:
I note this news snippet from TVNZ (Wednesday 26th Jan 2011), about airline luggage tampering:
Travellers have every right to be worried. Check out this You Tube clip:
And all the info at The Evidence File:
This survey was also reported on Yahoo News, so I left a couple of comments, and some on the One News (TVNZ) Facebook page too.

Schapelle Corby & A Formal Request to Tony Negus, Chief of The Australian Federal Police

Dear Tony,

Please click on that picture (above), to enlarge and read. It's a formal request (and full page newspaper ad), asking you to arrest and charge the QANTAS baggage handlers/criminals who imported over 65 million dollars worth of cocaine into Australia, in 2004. Maybe it slipped your mind?

As you know, I've already (formally), asked ABC 4 Corners to look into this too - which I guess might put them into a bit of a spot.

I'll send you a formal reminder about this request in 4 weeks time (on Wednesday 23rd February 2011), at which point there will be arrangements underway to place that full page ad in publications in Australia, and the UK.

Regards, Kim

PS - This correspondence is now formally noted in The Evidence File, point 14 (c).

Monday, January 24, 2011

Schapelle Corby, ABC 4 Corners & Criminal QANTAS Baggage Handlers

Dear Mark,

Click on that picture above, to read these pointed questions/comments on the ABC 4 Corners Facebook page, related to the non-arrest of major Australian criminals, posted around 4pm on Tuesday 25th January 2011:
A pointed question for ABC 4 Corners. In 2008, you reported on "Operation Mocha":
. . . which involved corrupt QANTAS baggage handlers importing 200 kilos of cocaine into Australia, between June 2004, and December 2004. That translates into around 65 million dollars worth of drugs (according to price figures taken from the United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime, 2007 World Drug Report). Further, 10 kilos of this amount was imported, via Sydney Airport, on the 8th of October 2004, via the bags of an innocent QANTAS passenger flying in from South America, a Gary MacDonald:
This was exactly the same baggage handling crew that "Dealt" with Schapelle Corby's luggage, even down to the same day/time frame:
. . . according to FOI evidence that was retrieved in relation to departure/arrival timetables. Now despite their extraordinarily blatant crimes, none of these baggage handlers were ever arrested or charged. Baggage handlers in the UK, engaged in the same activity at Heathrow Airport (in 2004), were jailed for 19 years. When is ABC 4 Corners going to follow up and report on this bizarre anomaly, as even the AFP openly admitted they were criminals, in a formal report to the Government (in 2009):
Hopefully, ABC 4 Corners will respond on their page, so their (nearly), 2,500 fans can share in the answer, but if not, can you, or the producer of 4 Corners, Sue Spencer, get back to me with a formal, written reply please? You have my contact details, and I'll send you a fax about this too (so there is no confusion re whether or not this important inquiry was received).

I'll follow up (formally), in 4 weeks (by Tuesday 22nd February 2011), if I've heard nothing in the interim.

Regards, Kim

PS - This correspondence is formally noted at point 21 in The Evidence File

Schapelle Corby - ABC Australia Runs and Hides from The Hard Questions

I sent these pointed questions to the ABC two weeks ago, on the 11th of January 2011, and despite four telephone calls to Mark Scott's office in the interim (to simply confirm receipt, nothing else), no-one has ever had the courtesy to get back to me.

When I rang again to-day, to simply confirm receipt (Tuesday 25th January 2011, just before midday), Louise Lander, Mark Scott's PA, claimed not to have them, and was unable to put me through to anyone who could confirm receipt. When I said OK then, I'll fax them through to you, she refused to give me her fax number - and said they didn't "Use" a fax anymore (even though she has one in her office). At that point, I terminated the conversation, rang again, spoke to the switchboard, asked for Mark Scott's fax number, received the same, and immediately faxed this (and got a positive fax report my end). I then rang Mark Scott's office again, spoke to a Rachel, who confirmed the fax was received. Thank you.

PS - This info is now formally noted at The Evidence File, point 4, second paragraph.

Schapelle Corby & Brown Paper Bags

Click on that picture to enlarge & read.

This info now formally referenced at point 14 (j), in The Evidence File.

Another relevant news quote here:
"Eleven men are facing a committal hearing over the alleged use of Qantas baggage handlers to import 200 kilograms of cocaine." Sydney Morning Herald, Clouds Lift and The Memory of Star Witness Returns, Kate McClymont, March 9th 2006

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Schapelle Corby & Networking to the World

Click on that pic to enlarge and read a screen grab from Leon Bolier's Facebook page. He's got nearly 18,000 Dutch fans, and over 6,000 followers on Twitter.

Here's the comments I made on his page:
Leon, I noticed your recent "Tweet" about Schapelle Corby, and your comments about her her book. Thank you. Here's some more info. "The Schapelle Corby Nightmare":
"The Evidence File":
And please, everyone (male or female), is welcome to join "Women for Schapelle":
And here's his "Tweet" about Schapelle, on Monday 24th January 2011.

Schapelle Corby & Mick Keelty's Lies, Omissions, Contempt & Incompetence

  • Mick Keelty, former Australian Federal Police Commissioner, lied about police knowledge of domestic drug smuggling, using innocent airline passengers as drug mules (see section "Sydney Airport - Later that morning").
  • He failed to disclose the same baggage handlers, dealing with Schapelle's luggage, used another innocent QANTAS passenger as "Drug mule," on the same day, and within the same couple of hours.
  • He never arrested or charged these criminals, despite the fact they imported over 65 million dollars worth of cocaine into Australia, in 2004.
  • He failed to publicly disclose the crucial information noted in points 1, 2 and 3 here.
  • He failed to secure a single frame of airport CCTV, relating to either Schapelle or her luggage.
  • He failed to use the Mutual Assistance Treaty (with Indonesia), to ensure this forensic testing went ahead.
  • He failed to investigate the gross security breaches that "Allowed" this marijuana to travel (undetected), through three Australian airports.
  • He failed to investigate the Australian grower and supplier of the drugs found in Schapelle's bag.
  • This info is now formally noted at point 19 in The Evidence File, for future legal and media needs.