Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Schapelle Corby & The 65 Million Dollar Question

Click on that pic to enlarge and read the screen grab of comments posted on the Facebook page of The Independent Newspaper, UK. The live links in that comment are here and here.

Now, this morning I rang all these people . . .

. . . asking if someone could get back to me (please), to explain (before this ad runs), why QANTAS baggage handlers, who helped to import over 65 million dollars worth of cocaine into Australia (in 2004), were never arrested or charged.

I await a response with great interest, and now no-one can say they weren't given a fair chance to provide an explanation, before the presses roll.

And in the meantime (leading up to hard copy publication), multiple Global Facebook pages will be updated as above.

PS - This info is now formally linked/referenced at The Evidence File, point 14 (c)