Monday, January 24, 2011

Schapelle Corby, ABC 4 Corners & Criminal QANTAS Baggage Handlers

Dear Mark,

Click on that picture above, to read these pointed questions/comments on the ABC 4 Corners Facebook page, related to the non-arrest of major Australian criminals, posted around 4pm on Tuesday 25th January 2011:
A pointed question for ABC 4 Corners. In 2008, you reported on "Operation Mocha":
. . . which involved corrupt QANTAS baggage handlers importing 200 kilos of cocaine into Australia, between June 2004, and December 2004. That translates into around 65 million dollars worth of drugs (according to price figures taken from the United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime, 2007 World Drug Report). Further, 10 kilos of this amount was imported, via Sydney Airport, on the 8th of October 2004, via the bags of an innocent QANTAS passenger flying in from South America, a Gary MacDonald:
This was exactly the same baggage handling crew that "Dealt" with Schapelle Corby's luggage, even down to the same day/time frame:
. . . according to FOI evidence that was retrieved in relation to departure/arrival timetables. Now despite their extraordinarily blatant crimes, none of these baggage handlers were ever arrested or charged. Baggage handlers in the UK, engaged in the same activity at Heathrow Airport (in 2004), were jailed for 19 years. When is ABC 4 Corners going to follow up and report on this bizarre anomaly, as even the AFP openly admitted they were criminals, in a formal report to the Government (in 2009):
Hopefully, ABC 4 Corners will respond on their page, so their (nearly), 2,500 fans can share in the answer, but if not, can you, or the producer of 4 Corners, Sue Spencer, get back to me with a formal, written reply please? You have my contact details, and I'll send you a fax about this too (so there is no confusion re whether or not this important inquiry was received).

I'll follow up (formally), in 4 weeks (by Tuesday 22nd February 2011), if I've heard nothing in the interim.

Regards, Kim

PS - This correspondence is formally noted at point 21 in The Evidence File