Thursday, January 27, 2011

Schapelle Corby - ACLEI, Please Return My Call

And here's a graphic 24 January 2012 UPDATE, plus a 26 Jan 2012 no-holds-barred letter to the Chair of The Parliamentary Joint Committee on The Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity HERE


I rang Chris (a senior detective), at ACLEI yesterday, but he wasn't available, and didn't return my call. I wanted his professional opinion on the above quote from the Australian Federal Police, before this ad runs in hard copy, as well as on Facebook.

I rang him again this morning, Friday 28th January 2011 (around 9am), but he couldn't come to the phone, so I left a message and asked him to call me back - because I also want to know if his boss, Phillip Moss, personally received some correspondence (addressed to him), sent eleven days ago on the 17th January 2011. I spoke to "Chris" about this a week ago (Friday 21st January 2011), but "Chris" couldn't say one way or the other. So I asked him to look into it to for me, and said I'd call back a week later, to inquire again.

I look forward to hearing from you Chris . . .

PS - This info is now formally referenced in The Evidence File, point 18, last paragraph.