Friday, January 28, 2011

Schapelle Corby, Cindy Wockner & The Bleeding Obvious

You've obviously not read your George Lakoff, that's bit slack for a journalist, isn't it? Did the dog eat your homework? Though I must say I love it, the sight of the corrupt Australian establishment denying the bleeding obvious is a joy to behold. In article that's "Not" about Schapelle, she headlines your piece in words and pictures. I'm reminded of the John Cleese skit, Don't Mention the War . . .

And BTW Cindy, here's the email I sent Greg Moriarty yesterday - you (and the rest of corporate Australia), might want to take note . . .

Greg Moriarty, Australian Ambassador to Indonesia

Hi Greg,

I'm one of the founding members of Women for Schapelle. Just to let you know, bi-lateral with Indonesia will take a very big swan dive when the coming films, book and feature articles in relation to Schapelle Corby are released (Globally), and it would be a smart move to get this innocent woman out of that squalid hell hole by then.

Here's The Evidence File (only the tip of the iceberg):

. . . and here's the coming full page news ad:

Regards, Kim

PS Greg, I also note your comments in this film snippet:

. . . in relation to ensuring Australian citizens get fair treatment under the laws of the sentencing nation. So please note, as an Australian citizen, Schapelle was heavily discriminated against:

Her trial and sentencing were in contravention of the Indonesian legal code:

Something also commented on by Civil Liberties Australia, via a lawyer with extensive experience in Indonesia:

And all these facts are fully referenced at point 19, in The Evidence File:

And one more thing? This is all going to explode in a blaze of publicity very, very soon.

Regards again, Kim