Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Schapelle Corby & A Formal Request to Tony Negus, Chief of The Australian Federal Police

Dear Tony,

Please click on that picture (above), to enlarge and read. It's a formal request (and full page newspaper ad), asking you to arrest and charge the QANTAS baggage handlers/criminals who imported over 65 million dollars worth of cocaine into Australia, in 2004. Maybe it slipped your mind?

As you know, I've already (formally), asked ABC 4 Corners to look into this too - which I guess might put them into a bit of a spot.

I'll send you a formal reminder about this request in 4 weeks time (on Wednesday 23rd February 2011), at which point there will be arrangements underway to place that full page ad in publications in Australia, and the UK.

Regards, Kim

PS - This correspondence is now formally noted in The Evidence File, point 14 (c).