Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Gillard's Minister for Home Affairs Ignores Vital Airport Question

Click on that picture to enlarge and read the completely ignored fax, sent to Brendan O'Connor on the 19th June 2010.

Here's some more details about the "Missing" airport CCTV (scroll down to point 9), a section which now includes a link to this correspondence (just below the third beige quote).

Here's the future full page news ads, to publicise The Evidence File, and the coming films/books, as they become available. And that's also an ongoing resource for legal purposes, and a reference for current/future film makers, authors and journalists.

Here's a reminder, faxed to Brendan O'Connor (cc Julia Gillard), on the 12th January 2011.

Addit - Thursday 13th January 2011

Rang Brendan O'Connor's office just before 11am, and confirmed that the above reminder/fax was received. It was.