Sunday, January 30, 2011

Schapelle Corby & A Letter To Texas

Dear Texas,

There's a few thing you should know about QANTAS Airlines and Australia, before that nation's national airline is flying into Dallas and Fort Worth.

In 2004, the airline's baggage handlers smuggled 200 kilos of cocaine, worth over 65 million Australian dollars, into Australia (via Sydney Airport), using the bags of innocent airline passengers, and they were never arrested or charged for their crimes - as openly stated on page 42 of this formal QANTAS report, and as (also), openly admitted by Steve Jackson, Head of Security (QANTAS).

Inexplicably, some of these QANTAS baggage handlers had never held a non-criminal job in their life before working for the airline - and their "Head of Security" was later sacked for his known connections to organised crime figures.

And now, even though the Australian Federal Police openly admit these "Workers" are criminals, they are still refusing to act against them - so a national advertising campaign on this serious issue is booked. Baggage handlers at Heathrow airport (London, UK), were engaged in exactly the same crime in 2004, and were given very long sentences.

At the moment, an innocent Australian woman is rotting in an Indonesian hell hole (for 20 years), as a result of these criminals, and it's no joke (Australian satire about QANTAS baggage handlers from The Chaser, a very popular TV programme).

Tragically, her bags were handled by these "Workers" on the exact day, and at the exact time, they were committing other crimes - and the stash left in her bags (a domestic drug shipment), was accidentally "Missed."

So Texas, you have been warned . . .