Sunday, January 16, 2011

Schapelle Corby - A Personal Letter to Phillip Moss, Head of The Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity

Dear Phillip,

At point 18 in The Evidence File, there's comprehensive information, including this missive (for the entire World to see), re all the outstanding matters before you, in relation to Australian citizen Ms. Schapelle Corby, currently serving 20 years in an Indonesian hell hole.

After an intervening period of 8 months, I note you are still refusing to launch formal investigations, so may I ask you some formal questions? And I would like a written reply from YOU Phillip, it's about time you stepped up to the plate and took personal responsibility for these very grave, and very high profile, matters.

Tell me Phillip, why is it sooooo hard for you to work out there's something stinking in Australia when . . . .

. . . a woman allegedly "Exports" 4.2 kilos of marijuana FROM Australia, TO Indonesia, in order to make a loss of over $166,000 (according to official United Nations figures). Point 1

. . . she is the only person (ever), convicted of this "Crime." Point 2

. . . she is a woman with no criminal convictions, and no criminal profile. Point 3

. . . 4.2 kilos of marijuana would not (according to official airport sources), make it past the extensive security checks at three Australian airports. Point 5

. . . there was no attempt to conceal the marijuana. Point 6

. . . Schapelle's luggage was easily accessible to corrupt airport insiders. Point 7

. . . the most definitive evidence (the arrival weight of Schapelle's luggage in Bali, as compared to the departure weight in Brisbane), was neglected and ignored. Point 8

. . . the Australian Federal Police failed to preserve or collect a single frame of airport CCTV (from three Australian airports), relating to either Schapelle or her luggage. This is despite the fact the workers dealing with her bags were under formal police surveillance (at the exact time she flew), and the senior police officer in charge of that operation is now in jail, awaiting trial on very serious drug charges. Point 9

. . . all the airport CCTV from Ngurah Rai Airport (Bali), relating to Schapelle, went "Missing" too - which (as Channel 9 pointed out at the time), was in stark contrast to the arrest of the Bali 9. Point 9

. . . the Indonesian authorities refused all forensic examination of the drugs/physical evidence, and then went on to burn it. Further, the Australian Federal Police completely failed to access the Mutual Assistance Treaty (with Indonesia), to formally request this examination. Point 10

. . . key verbal evidence used to convict Schapelle, was from a Bali customs officer who couldn't speak English. Point 11

. . . there was NO Australian police investigation into the Australian grower and supplier of the drugs found in Schapelle's bag. Point 12

. . . there was no evidence Schapelle was connected to any "Network" in Bali. Point 13

. . . there was extensive evidence of criminal and corrupt QANTAS staff. Point 14

. . . a Director of Macquarie Bank was involved in this criminal activity. Macquarie Bank own Sydney Airport. Point 15

. . . there was extensive evidence of criminal and corrupt activity at Australian airports. Point 16

. . . other airline passengers (and staff), had reported criminal airport activity, none of which was ever investigated by the police. Point 17

. . . Schapelle's trial breached both the Indonesian legal code, and key United Nations treaties. Point 19

Please get back to me (formally), Phillip. I await your personal written response.

Regards, Kim