Monday, January 3, 2011

Schapelle Corby & Political Manipulation

Here's the extensive edit history of one on the "Players" involved in banning me forever from Wikipedia.

It appears they're on the net, everyday, from morning to night, editing major political pages from Wikipedia (wit
h a strong emphasis on Indonesian entries), and they have a history of "Editing" Schapelle's page going back to 2006. This would go some way to explaining the immediate reversion of Wikipedia changes on Schapelle's entry (within seconds at times, do an experiment and try yourself), and is strong evidence of a paid political staffer (or maybe more than one, considering the punishing schedule shown by the edit history). Obviously, they're not "Employed" in any other endeavour, there's not even time for a visit to Centrelink. Absolutely, this is not the record you'd see from some otherwise-enaged, well meaning community volunteer.

And without doubt, this blog post of mine, demonstrates the acute political sensitivities of Schapelle's issues.

I've passed this info on to the people working on the coming documentary, and book - and I believe a much more detailed investigation is under way. I'll also be writing (publicly), to the board of The Wikimedia Foundation, about this strong evidence of overt political manipulation, as there's also a clear record of all the mainstream, well referenced historical information that's missing on Schapelle's page. They've even blocked UN reports, and an article from Civil Liberties Australia, giving expert opinion on the Indonesian legal code in relation to Schapelle. That's one of Australia's foremost (and most respected), NGO's.

It also seems this "Merbabu" (from his/her last comments), doesn't believe there are films and books in development - which obviously shows he/she has rocks in their head. It's not up to me to link to these coming developments, because I'm not the developer, I earn my living as a nurse - and (quite rightly), the people doing this stuff would give me a flea in my ear if I revealed direct info before the time's ripe. And why has "Merbabu" got rocks in their head? Because Schapelle's last book was a huge best seller . . .
Schapelle's ". . . new book, My Story, went on sale last Friday and is already fifth on the bestseller list from just one day of recorded sales." SMH
. . . she outsells Australia's first female PM, still generates massive interest and is constantly in the news . . .
"Schapelle Corby and the Bali Nine were back in the spotlight in 2010. Like it or not, they'll stay there in 2011." Adelaide Now, 1st Jan 2011
In those circumstances, if anyone thinks some rapier-sharp follow-ups aren't in the pipeline, they're living in fairy land - and this latest lifetime "Ban" from Wikipedia is simply something that adds to the coming drama (and evidence). Ta.