Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Schapelle Corby - QANTAS, The Corrupt Drug Runner

Quote from Schapelle about QANTAS . . .

"They want all this to go away, they want me to go away, vanish, rot in this hellhole for 20 years ... let the public forget the terrifying truth ... that an innocent holiday on one of their planes ripped my life apart. It can happen to anyone. It did happen to anyone ... but that anyone was me.."

. . . so I'm very comfortable openly calling QANTAS Airlines a corrupt drug runner, because knowledge of what was going on . . .

Federal police say "it is a recognised criminal activity" for drug dealers to use innocent travellers as unsuspecting "mules". They have arrested baggage handlers at Sydney Airport for the offence. Drugs are inserted in luggage at one airport and a photograph of the target bag and its tag are emailed to the destination airport, where baggage handlers recover the drugs before the passenger collects the bag. Sydney Morning Herald, March 5 2005

. . . went to very high levels within the organisation, and just how high will be revealed when watertight new evidence is released in the coming documentary and book.

In the meantime, here are all the questions QANTAS is completely unable (and currently refusing), to answer, without self-incrimination:

1. Any of the many direct questions to them listed here (scroll down to "Questions to QANTAS").

2. How and why "Tom," as described by Clive Small, former Assistant Commissioner of the New South Wales Police, ever ended up on the QANTAS pay roll as a baggage handler . . .

According to this man, who is now in witness protection, Hurley was involved in smuggling almost 10 kilograms of cocaine on October 8 - and a Qantas baggage handler codenamed Tom was involved in collecting the briefcase from the drug mule. Sydney Morning Herald

3. How and why Alan Conwell ever ended up on the QANTAS payroll as a senior security manager . . .

"The Qantas security manager sacked last month might have had access to leaked confidential information about passenger alert lists, according to a report in The Sydney Morning Herald.

The paper also stated that Alan Conwell, a former drug-squad detective, was previously mentioned adversely during a 1996 police royal commission.

He was then caught on phone taps trying to help an associate of fugitive Michael Hurley avoid prosecution, the paper said.

“We have terminated the contract of a security manager,” a Qantas spokeswoman said.

“He joined us from Ansett and his contract was terminated as a result of an ongoing internal investigation.”

Hurley is currently sought over allegations that he used Qantas baggage handlers to smuggle cocaine into Australia from South America." Travel Weekly

4. How and why Easton Barrington James, a convicted cocaine dealer, ever ended up on the QANTAS payroll as a baggage handler.

5. How and why 4.2 kilos of very pungent and bulky marijuana ever made it past multiple airport security checks, as clearly described and referenced in "Point 5" on this page.

6. How and why the clear (and referenced), facts about the bizarre nature of Schapelle's alleged "Crime," as described in points 1, 2, 3 and 6 on this page, didn't set off multiple warning bells in their hierarchy, and thus the need (without any outside prompting), to preserve all potentially relevant CCTV footage immediately (and professionally). Are we to believe Steve Jackson (their current Head of Security, and with the organisation at that time), with his impressive credentials and policing background, was that clueless and naive?

7. How and why all the CCTV "Disappeared," when QANTAS openly said their baggage handlers were under formal police surveillance on the very day Schapelle flew, as quoted on page 42 of this report. And it's evident from the flight timetable retrieved by Dr. Adrian Bradford, Schapelle's plane (and thus her luggage), was smack bang in the middle of this "Surveillance." Quote . . .

Equally, however, it is certain to increase pressure for answers to questions relating to missing CCTV footage from the same airport, which Schapelle Corby desperately pleaded for, to support her defence that her luggage did not contain drugs at check-in. Such footage was never forthcoming, amidst a range of claims, including that the cameras were not operating. Now, given proof of the timing, how credible is it that those cameras were switched off, in the midst of such a large international drug smuggling operation?

Plus QANTAS knew their baggage handlers (same crew), had used another passenger as an innocent drug mule, on the exact day, and at the exact times, relating to Schapelle's arrival and departure at Sydney Airport . . . despite Geoff Askew's outright lies about this . . .

ROSS COULTHART: Are there any incidents that you are aware of where passengers have been the unwitting victims of drug syndicates moving drugs around Australia.

GEOFF ASKEW, QANTAS HD SECURITY: It's never been reported to me that any Qantas passenger has had their bag used to transport drugs.Channel 9

Geoff Askew's media statement is also in direct contradiction to the second quote down in this blog post (above), from the Australian Federal Police, and in direct contradiction to the assertions of Ray Cooper, former Chief of Internal Investigations for the Australian Federal Police.

8. How and why none of their baggage handlers were ever charged or arrested (p 42), despite clear admissions from the Australian Federal Police they were criminals.

9. How and why none of this man's immediate QANTAS co-workers had enough integrity to report his criminal activity, and how and why he had enough confidence (obviously, given the brazen nature of his actions), to be sure they wouldn't.

10. Why buckets of cut locks were languishing in the ceiling spaces, above the baggage handling areas, according to witnesses Chris Lush and Mick Milakovic (Channel 9)

11. How and why the locks on Robert and Cindy Davidson's luggage were cut clean through.