Thursday, January 20, 2011

Schapelle Corby & Very Serious Allegations About The Australian Federal Police

Dear Tony, Brendan and Mark,

Mid-morning on Friday 21st January 2011, I rang the Australian Federal Police, and asked for "Professional Standards," and for the second time in a few days, I got voicemail, asking me to leave a message, which I did.

After noting they were obviously on a coffee break, or maybe Tony had slashed the staffing budget, I asked if there were ever any formal investigations into the very serious allegations of Senior Officers Ray Cooper and Gary Lee Rogers - and maybe someone could look into this, and get back to me?

I also note that the very existence (or otherwise), of these "Investigations" are, according to Mark Walters verbal assertions in June 2010, subject to "Secrecy provisions," which is completely outrageous. Is the Australian Government seriously intent on telling the Australian people that when very senior, serving police officers make very public, and extremely serious allegations of corruption, the Australian populace isn't even allowed to know if their accusations were ever legitimately investigated? Is this a democracy, or a banana republic?

So please, Tony, Brendan and Mark, will you please liaise on these urgent questions, and get back to me in writing - either "Yes," "No," or "We refuse to tell you" (in black and white), will suffice, because the people of Australia have the absolute right to know, as well as the absolute right to know if their "Rulers" are refusing to provide legitimate answers, to legitimate questions.

You are the servants of the people, not the other way round - and you have a firm promise that fact will be brought home to you in no uncertain terms.

Regards, Kim

PS - A formal record of this correspondence has been added to Point 16 of The Evidence File, in the last paragraph of that section, just before three very pertinent news quotes . . .