Saturday, January 8, 2011

Schapelle Corby - The Weasel Words of Gillard's Attorney General?

Dear Robert,

In the light of this quote (from you), as reported in The Sydney Morning Herald of the 2nd of June 2005 . . .

“What's more, this week Labor's homeland security spokesman, Robert McClelland, questioned why a customs report into drug smuggling at Australian airports was kept from Corby's lawyers. The report, available since September, revealed that baggage handlers diverted bags containing drugs from international flights to domestic baggage carousels. "It indicates systematic criminality … that is a material fact that at the very least should have been disclosed to her defence," McClelland said.”

. . . I am now formally asking you, after an intervening period of over five years, to make good on your views.

I believe the "Report" in question was called "Sydney Airport Air Border Security Risk Analysis 2003," by Customs Supervisor Caterina Magni. Will you please publicly commit to passing that key information on to Schapelle's current legal team? In the circumstances, considering the high profile nature of her extreme ill health, I'm sure you appreciate the urgency of this matter.

I will call you office sometime during the week beginning Monday 10th January 2011, to confirm you have this request and (hopefully), speak to someone other than the receptionist about it - and I look forward to your formal response.

Regards, Kim

PS - Robert, if you visit The Evidence File, and scroll down to point 16, you will see the above press quote reproduced. Just beneath that, is information linking to this formal request. That building "File" is an on-line resource for any future legal needs, plus a resource for current/future film makers, authors and journalists.

Addit, Monday 10th January 2011

Rang Robert McLelland's office just before 10am, and was put through to media advisor Adam Siddique. He gave me his email address, and asked me to forward this info to him, which I did. If I've heard nothing back by the end of the week, I'll call again.

Addit, Tuesday 18th January 2011

Rang Robert McLelland's office just before 11am, and asked for media advisor Adam Siddique. I was put through straight away, and he remembered my phone call and correspondence of last week. I asked him when Robert McLelland would be forwarding this vital Australian Customs report to Schapelle. Adam said he was still "Following it up," and he'd get back to me. I thanked him for that, and said if I'd heard nothing by next week (Tuesday 25th January 2011), I'd call him again.

Addit, Thursday 27th January 2011

Rang Robert McLelland's office around 11.40am, and asked for media advisor Adam Siddique (because there has been absolute silence on this question since it was first asked, almost three weeks ago). The receptionist asked who was calling, and I told her. An extension rang for a short period, before I was told Adam Siddique wasn't "Available," so I left my home phone number, and asked if he could get back to me please. I also left another message, mentioning this full page news ad is currently booked to run in four newspapers (two in Australia, and two in the UK), so could someone (please), get back to me before then, explaining why QANTAS baggage handlers who helped import over 65 million dollars worth of cocaine into Australia, in 2004, were never arrested or charged? The receptionist said she'd pass that question on too. Thank you. I'll call again in a week (by Thursday 3rd February 2011), if I've heard nothing in the interim - and simply continue to document this saga as necessary.