Saturday, January 22, 2011

Schapelle Corby & The X-Ray Fiasco

Dear Mark (cc Tony and Brendan),

This is a formal Professional Standards complaint. Please treat it as such. I will call your office during the week beginning Monday January 24th 2011 to confirm you have it, and formally follow up (with a written reminder), by Monday 21st February 2011, if there is no response from your department in the interim. Please also note this correspondence (and any/all further related communications), are also referenced at point 5 in The Evidence File, an on-line resource for future legal proceedings and media use.

I wish to complain that the Australian Federal Police failed to secure any Sydney International Airport X-ray imagery relating to Schapelle's boogie board bag, plus failed to formally investigate how such an obvious package (a stinking parcel the size of a pillowcase), in such a slim bag, was not "Noticed" on X-ray, or "Noticed" on physical check-in.

The Australian Federal Police should have acted immediately to secure this imagery (and investigate these "Lapses"), for four reasons:

1. The bizarre and unprecedented nature of Schapelle's "Crime." See points 1, 2 & 3 here.

2. The well known criminality of the airport staff handling Schapelle's bags, who were under direct police surveillance (p 42), on the day Schapelle flew. See points 14 & 16 here.

3. The outlandish notion such an "Amateur" smuggling attempt would have beaten every security measure, at not one, but three, Australian airports - as reported in detail by senior security figures at the time.

4. Information of Schapelle's strange arrest was in the hands of the media well within 72 hours of her departure from Australia (she departed around 11am on Friday 8th October 2004), making the first edition of The Sunday Herald Sun, on the 10th October 2004, and hitting the streets around 4am of that day - 41 hours after her departure. Though of course, to be in that edition, "News" of her arrest must have hit the wires several hours before . . .
Bali drug haul arrest; CINDY WOCKNER
Sunday Herald Sun (Melbourne, Australia) 10-10-2004

Bali drug haul arrest

AN AUSTRALIAN could face execution after being arrested in Bali with 4.2kg of marijuana allegedly hidden in her bodyboard bag.Student Schapelle Leigh Corby, 27, from Tugun on the Gold Coast, was arrested on Friday afternoon at Denpasar Airport.

Corby, believed to have been travelling with siblings, had flown from Brisbane to Sydney then to Denpasar. She is being held in a cell at Denpasar's Polda police headquarters.

The family had planned to spend two weeks in Bali, flying back to Australia on October 22.

In Indonesia, conviction on serious drug charges brings the death penalty or life in prison.
So, without question, if this ground breaking story was in the hands of The Sunday Herald Sun within 25 hours of Schapelle's arrest (allowing for printing deadlines, and a minimum 6 hour flight from Australia to Bali), are we to suppose the Australian Federal Police didn't "Know" (well within this time frame), as well - and were also too clueless and incompetent to preserve vital X-ray evidence before it was destroyed, taking into account points 1, 2 and 3 above?

I look forward to your formal response,

Regards, Kim