Monday, February 28, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Corrupt cops send flowers to Phillip Moss, Best Corruption Chief Ever . . .

ACLEI rang me back this morning (thank you), and answered my question. How many successful prosecutions, as a result of their inquiries, have there been since the White Elephant (whoops typo, should be "ACLEI"), was formed in 2006? The reply"? "None."

I'm sure we can hi-lite that fact on the back cover.

And one other thing I asked, what's happened to these questions? They were sent four weeks ago, and there's been no formal acknowledgement (I'd like one please). I was told they're "Still working on them" . . .

Schapelle Corby - Christopher Craigie, What happened to Mark Standen After December 2009?

Addit - Tuesday 1st March 2011, rang the Commonwealth DPP, and got some info, and sent them this fax

The last mention I can find of Mark Standen (the former Assistant Commissioner to the New South Wales Crime Commission, who had close connections to the corrupt QANTAS baggage handlers who "Dealt" with Schapelle's luggage), is in this December 2009 news article . . .

"FORMER NSW crime fighter Mark Standen has been refused bail pending his drugs trial next year.

In the NSW Supreme Court today, Justice Bruce James concluded the 51-year-old would present a flight risk if released.

The judge also noted Standen's long background in law enforcement and his criminal contacts made him "uniquely well placed" to arrange flight if he wanted.

Standen faces a trial around the middle of next year on charges of plotting to import a commercial quantity of a chemical precursor of the illicit drug ice." The Daily Telegraph

So tell me (and the rest of the World), what's he up to now?

Regards, Kim

Schapelle Corby & The QANTAS Terrorist

Extract from the new book.

Sydney Morning Herald journalist Phillip Cornford wrote an excellent article about Schapelle’s arrest and trial on the 5th of March 2005, called “Weighing the Evidence,” where he looks at some of the background in great depth. He says the boogie board bag was too big for the conveyor, so it was put on a trolly, hauled to one of the piers, and then put in a baggage cannister. It was one of the last items loaded, so it was at the front of the container, which was not locked, merely closed with a canvas flap. It stayed in that vulnerable position for 97 minutes.

Cornford goes on to explain that all the baggage bays and piers at Brisbane Domestic Airport, and Sydney International Airport, were watched by CCTV, but there were no other security measures. They’re big, open areas giving easy access to anyone with an “Airside” security pass.

Amazingly, not a single camera covering these crucial spots was checked by the police, or anyone else in authority, to see if there was any unauthorised access to Schapelle’s bag. Every frame “Vanished,” or was destroyed. Cornford’s investigations also revealed a dangerous fact, there were no inspections of the bags (or vehicles), owned by airport staff with Aviation Security Identification Cards. They had carte blanche to carry and retrieve anything - and considering the case of former QANTAS baggage handler Belal Khazaal, that’s truly frightening. In June 2004, he was arrested on charges relating to terrorism. In 2009, he was sentenced to 12 years. Here’s some quotes, backing Cornford’s findings, from Channel 9 (2005), the “Sunday” programme, in a segment called “Schapelle Corby: A Question of Innocence” . . .

“ROSS COULTHART: Here at Sydney Airport we filmed staff entering and leaving the secure baggage handling area. There is no systematic checking of bags. A criminal could pass through with drugs undetected.”

“ROSS COULTHART: One crucial point both Hughie Williams and Scott Speed make is that it's not just baggage handlers who have the opportunity to plant something in baggage here at Brisbane.

SCOTT SPEED: Once the boogie board's gone through, put onto the barrow, the barrow could go out onto the allocated bay and if it goes around to where you can't see it, round to the satellite, anyone could do it.

ROSS COULTHART: These photographs of unattended baggage sitting on the apron at Brisbane Airport were taken by this airport worker, who asked not to be identified.

ANONYMOUS: I saw unattended baggage in areas that I know are not generally under surveillance with airport cameras. In one occasion there was a trolley load of bags left unattended for in excess of fifty minutes. It demonstrates that somebody with a predisposition to plant something and have it transported from airport to airport can do so quite easily without attracting attention.”

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Schapelle Corby & A Global Gathering at Sydney International Airport, including Al Wilson's "Useless, Toothless Dogs of Shame" and other Artists

Click on the picture to enlarge & see detail.

Schapelle has supporters all over all the Globe, over 14,000 on Facebook, including over 2,600 at Women for Schapelle. Over 50,000 people have signed petitions for her, with more signatures coming every day. Her book sold more than 100,000 copies in its first year. Almost 65,000 people have seen The Schapelle Corby Nightmare, and nearly 85% of Australians want her home now - so it's time to peacefully gather and demand her freedom, and demand the arrest of the QANTAS criminals.

If Schapelle is still incarcerated in that Indonesian hell hole by October 8th 2011, it will mark 7 years of Australian shame, and 7 years of our Government standing weakly and meekly by (in the face of gross injustice), as an innocent woman slowly dies. Even Julia Gillard ignores the questions. And between now and then, there's plenty of time to put the word out about a Global Gathering at Sydney International Airport, the scene of the crime. I'm sure overseas visitors will be warmly welcomed by Schapelle's supporters here, and free accommodation all over Australia is a distinct possibility.

We can invite the musicians too, from Artists for Schapelle, and a personal favourite of mine, the new Bob Dylan, Al Wilson performing Useless, Toothless Dogs of Shame.

There will be flyers, banners and media - and we won't move until the real criminals have been brought to account, and an innocent woman is free. Details coming very soon.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Chris Barnes, ex-political spin doctor desperate to flog a lemon to the business community


Click on the picture above to enlarge & read. Info also shared with over 130,000 fans of The Financial Times.

Chris Barnes is the President of the Australia Indonesia Business Council, a former press secretary to a Liberal politician, and now in a senior position at the Commonwealth Bank - who are desperate t0 flog the business community a lemon (e.g. the most corrupt country in South East Asia), because of their extensive investments. But is it worth it? When even the simplest transaction is a money-leaching nightmare, and even your most senior executives could end up in a squalid hell hole, like Australian millionaire Chris Packer, and innocent tourist Robert McJannett.

Then there's another storm on the horizon, a story of heartbreak and pain that will very soon expose the filthy graft to the entire Globe (there's a documentary in production too). An innocent young Australian woman, sentenced to 20 years for a bag of marijuana, found in her luggage in extremely bizarre circumstances, while murderers, terrorists and major drug criminals walk away with a slap on the wrist. But then I guess it was worth someone's while to cover the corrupt backside of QANTAS (the corporation that employs career criminals). I imagine more than a bob or two exchanged hands there, as their dirt was swept under the carpet - and the silence from Macquarie Bank is deafening too.

Squalid Indonesian "Justice," on display to the World . . .

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Schapelle Corby, The Joint Australia Indonesia Business Conference (Sydney) & Some Graphic Flyers for The Day

Click on the picture to enlarge & read.

Conference details here.

Herald Sun article HERE.

Details of Schapelle's savage sentence HERE.

More detailed background HERE.

Schapelle Corby - Christopher Craigie, have you ever been caught with your pants down?

. . . because you will be, when your corrupt Australian legal action against an innocent woman is successfully challenged on Australian soil. It won't do much for bi-lateral relations either . . .

Schapelle Corby - A Game of Spot the Difference

Click on the picture to enlarge & read.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Hung Out to Dry to Save Jailbird Cop? And others . . .

The $800,000 paid to "Tom" (the criminal QANTAS baggage handler who bribed police, and smuggled cocaine in the bags of innocent passengers on the day that Schapelle flew), came from the New South Wales Crime Commission, because I read it on the web within some formal Parliamentary proceedings. Did that extraordinary generosity protect their former Assistant Commissioner, Mark Standen, from Tom's big mouth? What other cop was worth that kind of money to them? And why was the police "Leak" to gangster Michael Hurley, never investigated? It wasn't Gerry Fletcher, so who was it?

And as Standen was in charge of Operation Mocha, involving the importation of 10 kilos of cocaine through Sydney Airport on the 8th of October 2004, why did he trash every single frame of CCTV relating to the day he was supposed to be watching (page 42) criminals?

Schapelle Corby - Convicted in Australia Without Evidence, While Criminals are Paid Off to Protect Corrupt Police

Click on the picture above to enlarge & read.

Seems crime paid extremely well for criminal QANTAS baggage handler "Tom," who used an innocent QANTAS passenger as an unwitting drug mule on the exact day Schapelle flew. So tell me, how many corrupt, bribe-taking police benefited from his silence? Maybe we'll find out if the NSW Police Integrity Commission ever rises from it's torpor, though I very much doubt it. The murder and mayhem is squalid and shameless.

Now let's discuss the confiscation of the book proceeds, from Schapelle's story. Was that vicious action born from fear, were too many people reading the truth? Were you forced to cover your tracks with another smear? Well this move's backfired, because now you can't rely on third World justice to cover your corrupt backsides - and if the last book made you sweat, the next one (and the documentary), will bring you out in boils (I promise).

So please get back to me, ASAP, with the "Evidence" for your action, because from the quote in the picture above, it seems you're obliged to have some. However, from what I gather, the only "Evidence" against Schapelle is some systematic "Verballing" from Bali customs officers, that wouldn't be admissible in an Australian court - plus a big, fat zero.

Here's what Jeff Corbett of The Newcastle Herald has to say . . .
And now, as I write in my column in The Herald, we have Australian Commonwealth prosecutors winning orders in Australian courts to confiscate royalties for a book written by Schapelle Corby. They've seized $128,000 and have just been denied by Indonesian courts access to a further $280,000.

Our prosecutors sought this confiscation despite the fact that Ms Corby was not given a fair trial in Indonesia and that by any measure was convicted by a system that is corrupt and otherwise unacceptable in Australia. The court granted the application for confiscation despite the Proceeds of Crime law allowing the courts to take into account any matters it saw fit.

Under Indonesia's justice system the onus was on Ms Corby to prove that she was innocent, that she knew nothing of the marijuana in her boogie board bag. She was presumed to be guilty until she proved her innocence. The chief judge in her trial declared his hand when he boasted during the trial that in 500 cases involving drugs he had never acquitted anyone. That alone marks the trial as unfair.

There were many other issues that would have in Australia thrown the prosecution case into reasonable doubt. And not even the shocking revelations since of drug smuggling among some Australian airport baggage handlers has won any support from our government and authorities for a fair trial for Ms Corby.
So I look forward to your answer, and I'll send you a formal reminder in 4 weeks if I've heard nothing in the interim. Also be aware that your legal decision-making was made on Australian soil, and it will be legally challenged (in due course), on Australian soil - and it's not about the money, it's about exposing your lies, and protecting the innocent.

Regards, Kim

PS - And here's another promise Robert, your weasel words in 2005 will (sometime very soon), come back to haunt you. You'll get my next formal reminder on your hypocrisy very soon.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Schapelle Corby & The New South Wales Police Party

Click on the letter from the New South Wales Police above (16th February 2011), to enlarge & read. Here's a response . . .

Hi Zoran,

Thanks for the letter, I got it today. While I wouldn't want to drag you away from the merriment, could you possibly spare just two minutes of your time for a bit more detail? I need it for the book.

You see when I tried to report this corruption to your Professional Standards, your officer refused to listen to me for longer than two minutes, refused to give me the contact details of his senior officer, and then threatened to "Arrest" me when I called back to get those contact details. Though I guess taking into account the dismal batting average of the NSW Police Integrity Commission, you guys have free rein to do pretty much what you want?

Anyway, could you supply me with exact details of the "Charges" your officer was threatening me with, also supplying an extract of the relevant legislation. I'm sure it will make fascinating reading for thousands of book buyers, so I want to make sure it's included. I look forward to hearing from you in due course, and I'll send a formal reminder in 4 weeks, if I've heard nothing in the interim.

Regards, Kim

Schapelle Corby Was Verballed

The ONLY evidence “Against” Schapelle were uncorroborated statements from Indonesian customs officers who did not speak English, which she denied. This is known as “Verballing.” This practise has led to many miscarriages of justice, and Queensland magistrates (for instance), are formally warned about accepting uncorroborated police statements about the accused, especially when there is no good reason for this failure to provide video or tape. This also backs up journalist Tony Wilson’s opinion, re the poor likelihood of Schapelle’s conviction in Australia.

As Schapelle was arrested in an airport environment, with multiple CCTV cameras running, there is no reasonable excuse for this lack of hard evidence (to back up the statements of customs officers). Formal questions about this were sent to Kevin Rudd, Minister for Foreign Affairs, and Greg Moriarty (Australian Ambassador to Indonesia), on the 20th of February 2011, via fax and email. On the 22nd February 2011, it was confirmed (via phone), that Rudd’s office had received these questions. Australia has a formal responsibility to ensure it citizens are treated fairly abroad, as explained by Greg Moriarty here. There will be formal follow-up by the 20th March 2011, if there is no response from either Rudd or Moriarty in the interim.

PS - Full background to the case HERE.

Schapelle Corby - Greg & Kevin, Please Answer the Questions, Why Did Australia Allow the Abuse of One of its Citizens?

I gather Australia is formally responsible for ensuring its citizens are treated fairly abroad, at least that's what Greg says here, in this film snippet. So can I say (for the record), that in relation to safeguarding Schapelle and protecting her rights, the Land Down Under was a resounding failure. So now, I want one very clear question answered.

Schapelle was convicted of "Trafficking," which carries very severe penalties in Indonesia - so if Australia had its eye on the ball (as it should have), I expect you to know the exact basis (and exact hard evidence), for this additional charge. Please get back to me with the same, ASAP.

Regards, Kim

PS - And yes your answers, or lack of them, are going in the book. I'll send a formal reminder (via fax), in 4 weeks if I've heard nothing in the interim.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Schapelle Corby & The White Elephants of New South Wales

I got this letter from the NSW Police Integrity Commission this morning (thank you), in response to this complaint. Here's the brief comment I sent them . . .
Thank you for the attached, and I look forward to an investigation. It's an excellent opportunity for you, a chance to improve your batting average, and value to the tax payers - as the coming book will very graphically point out that in 2009 - 10, you cost the battlers of this country around 22 million dollars, and recommended just four prosecutions. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Regards, Kim

Schapelle Corby - The High Cost of Doing Business in Indonesia

Here's another few words for The Australia-Indonesia Business Council.

I wonder how much Chris Packer's "Get out of jail" card cost him? It was certainly an expensive experience for Australian Robert McJannett, though I guess Chris was an even fatter prize.

So let's not beat about the bush. Indonesia is a country where you can be jailed for 20 years, solely on the uncorroborated word of Government officials who do not speak English, who are too ill-trained (and unprofessional), to treat physical evidence in an appropriate manner with gloves (and then go on to burn it) - by a judge who does not have a clue about basic legal principles, or the laws of his own country. And one other point? Sometimes they don't need any evidence to convict you.

PS - And these sentiments were shared with The Financial Times, and their 130,000 (plus), Facebook fans.

PPS - Comprehensive background to the case here.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Schapelle Corby & Inexplicable Indonesian Failures That Hurt The Investment Climate

Click on the picture to enlarge & read.

Dear Greg and Kevin (cc The Australia-Indonesia Business Council, AIBC),

As the Australian Ambassador to Indonesia, and the Australian Foreign Minister, I'm just wondering if you can answer a key question that's puzzling me, and many other Australians? It's important, because Ross Taylor of the AIBC said (The Australian, 19 Feb 2011), that the Australian view of Indonesia is clouded by perceptions of corruption, and the high profile issue of Australian citizen Schapelle Corby.

You see when Schapelle was arrested by the Indonesian Police, there was absolutely no film footage of this crucial event taken or preserved, and they handled the central evidence in a bizarre and cavalier fashion, e.g. without gloves on multiple occasions. This was in stark contrast to the filmed-from-all-angles arrest of the Bali 9, as Ross Coulthart, a journalist from Channel 9 points out . .

ROSS COULTHART: By contrast, when the Bali Nine were arrested last month, Indonesian Police were at pains to videotape themselves wearing gloves to ensure no evidence was contaminated. But nothing was filmed of Corby's arrest, nor the crucial search at Airport Customs where she disputes stopping officers from searching her bag. “Sunday” Channel 9

And compounding the puzzle, even though Schapelle begged for airport CCTV footage of this crucial interaction, every single frame vanished without explanation. How can this be, when to-day, the Indonesian Government is so keen to exhibit her, they allow the World's media to hunt a mentally ill woman into the toilet.

“The customs area at Ngurah Rai Airport is monitored by closed circuit cameras, which observed Corby's actions. They could corroborate or contradict her account. But the prosecutor said they were not checked.” Sydney Morning Herald

It gets worse though. The only evidence used to convict Schapelle were witness accounts of these disputed events, from Bali customs officers who did not speak English . . .

“The prosecution closed its case on February 17. It relies entirely on indisputable evidence that the marijuana was found in Corby's boogie board bag and on the contested testimony of two customs officers and two police officers about her actions and responses.

Winata's English-language proficiency was not established and will be challenged. Corby insists her responses were misunderstood. She says his English was not good and they had difficulty understanding each other. McComb, who also spoke to Winata that day, says the same.” Sydney Morning Herald

. . . so why, if this "Testimony" was so crucial, did the Indonesian Government trash all the CCTV evidence of Schapelle's arrival and arrest, and treat her so differently to the Bali 9?

So Greg and Kevin, can you liaise with each other please, and get back to me on that important question? I'll call your offices to confirm receipt very soon, and follow up with a formal reminder in four weeks if I've had no response in the interim. And don't forget, all this formal correspondence is going in the book and documentary . . .

Regards, Kim

Schapelle Corby - Indonesian Investments Threatened, A Graphic Message to Ross, Greg and Kevin

Click on the picture to enlarge and read. Also shared here on the Australia-Indonesia Business Council Facebook page.

Dear Ross, Greg and Kevin,

I see the Australia-Indonesia Business Council is keen to make Indonesia a more attractive destination for Australian investors - but as Ross said in The Australian on the 19th February 2011, there are major hurdles to overcome, and he hi-lites corruption, Schapelle and terrorism
"You ask people, even business people: 'Give me words about Indonesia.' You get Schapelle Corby, terrorism, dictatorship."

"While I acknowledge all the barriers to trade, it is really an opportunity for Australian business -- particularly services." Mr Taylor said prominent companies, including Wesfarmers, still lacked confidence in Indonesia.

"The issue of corruption is still very much there," he said.

So I'm alerting you to more big storms on the horizon.

There's a documentary in production about Schapelle, and a book almost completed - and they're going Global, with a major media blitz scheduled. Here's some key points . . .

  • A chief judge who does not understand core legal legal principles. Article 66 of the Indonesian Criminal Procedural Codes (KUHAP) states: “The onus of proof is NOT on the Defendant”.
I also draw your attention to this major women's magazine article of the 28th June 2010, when news about Schapelle trumped Julia Gillard (in prominence), in the same week Julia became Australia's first female Prime Minister. In that piece, over 1.5 million Australians read about Indonesian corruption . . . here's a quote . . .

Robert’s arrest over 1.7 grams of marijuana has disturbing parallels to the heartbreaking ordeal of Schapelle Corby, who is currently serving 20 years in Kerobokan after being convicted of smuggling 4.1kg of marijuana in a boogie-board bag in 2004.

Both were arrested at Denpasar’s Ngurah Rai Airport en route to family holidays, both hotly denied any wrongdoing. Both asked to see any CCTV footage covering their departure from Australia and their arrival in Bali. Both also begged for the drugs allegedly found in their luggage to be finger-printed, as proof of guilt or innocence.

But all their requests were refused. Instead, they were paraded before the local media while back-slapping police and customs officers passed around the so-called ‘evidence’ – contaminating it forever.

‘My experience certainly raises a lot of important questions about the Corby case,’ says Robert, a veteran trade unionist, political candidate and anti-corruption whistleblower, who travelled to Bali for a five-day break with his son Josh Daley, 21.

‘There’s definitely a racket going on over there. The entire system is corrupt. One thing is certain, that you are going to be found guilty – it’s just a question of how long it takes.

‘Then you buy your sentence, the more money, the lighter it is, and if you don’t pay you’re stuffed. The problem with Schapelle was that it all got blown out of proportion and then she had no chance. It nearly happened to me too.’

. . . from a publication that hangs around for months in millions of waiting rooms and homes all over the country. Then on Monday 25th October 2010, the gross discrepancies in her trial and conviction were hi-lited again in another prominent New Idea piece, quote . . .

"Despite Schapelle's requests, authorities failed to fingerprint the drugs found in her boogie board bag, or to examine airport CCTV footage. They also didn't compare the weight of her luggage on departure from Brisbane and arrival in Denpasar."

And that was after nearly 2 million Australians were told in this Woman's Day article that Schapelle's routinely taunted by Indonesian prison guards, who call her a "White Monkey. " The majority of their readers want her home now, as do nearly 85% of the Herald Sun's customers.

This constant and escalating barrage of ugly publicity will not stop while Schapelle remains incarcerated in an Indonesian hell hole, because her story fascinates the Australian public and sells magazines (and other media), like hotcakes.

Regards, Kim