Friday, February 4, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Australia's Attorney General Exposed in Film & Print

Faxed to Robert McLelland on the 5th of February 2011 (background info here), and this new correspondence is now referenced within point 16 of The Evidence File.

TO: Robert McLelland, Attorney General

Fax Number: 02 6273 4102

Date: 5/02/11


From: Mrs. Kim Bax

Number of pages including cover: 3

Regarding: Formal notification of recorded phone calls, and some critically important questions in relation to your comments about Schapelle Corby, corruption and terrorism, of the 31st May 2005.

Dear Robert,

On Friday 4th February 2011 (in the late morning), I rang your office to research the role and responsibilities of the Attorney General. I very politely asked if I could speak someone re that question, but got no further because your receptionist quite literally slammed the phone down in my ear. There was absolutely no opportunity to advise anyone the call was recorded, which it was.

There is a documentary under production, in relation to Ms. Schapelle Corby’s issues, so the grossly unprofessional behaviour of your staff (which I assume you condone and encourage), will be very public.

I envisage a split screen, with your likeness to one side, and your extended comments about airport criminality, terrorism and Schapelle (of the 31st May 2005), scrolling down beside you - accompanied by a voice-over, and the grim evidence of your current hypocrisy, as described above.

Your behaviour (and my questions below), will also be noted in the coming book, and associated feature articles.

I am also formally advising you that I will record any and all future calls to your office (and any other Government office), prompted by the extreme rudness (and unprofessional behaviour), of your staff. I work, and I pay my taxes, and I expect a civilised level of service in return.

Now to some formal questions.

As Attorney General, you have responsibility for national security - a role I was was in the process of researching further, but your staff blocked those legitimate inquiries by hanging up. These questions relate to your responsibilities.

Question 1

On the 31st May 2005, you publicly noted the criminality of airport staff, specifically mentioning baggage handlers. Further, in a formal report to the Government (of 2009), the Australian Federal Police openly admitted the QANTAS baggage handlers (also responsibile for “Handling” Schapelle’s luggage), were complicit in smuggling 200 kilos of cocaine into Australia, between June and December 2004. That’s over 65 million dollars worth of drugs (street value), according to the United Nations - and press reports (of court proceedings), say these workers used the bags of innocent airline passengers to do it.

Further still, as you yourself said in no uncertain terms . . .

“These are very, very serious matters. The report says they are not simply indications of criminal conduct but they could in fact be indicators of a potential terrorist event. This is very, very serious.”

. . . can you please explain (to the Global public), as Attorney General, why no QANTAS staff were ever prosecuted or charged for their role in importing millions of dollars worth of drugs into Australia, in 2004? Surely staff who are capable of this level of corruption, are also capable of planting explosives? Schapelle also points out this anomaly, on page 280 of her book, “My Story.”

Question 2

Millions of dollars of tax payers money is spent on CCTV at Australian airports, but all of this is rendered completely worthless (from a security standpoint), when every single frame from a critical incident is conveniently “Disappeared,” via the corruption of police and security personell. And without doubt, the passage of Schapelle (and her luggage), through three Australian air terminals was a “Critical incident.” All pertinent footage should have been preserved (by police), immediately - so why was every single frame, from hundreds of cameras, destroyed, and when are you going to hold an inquiry into this? And considering QANTAS airline employees (at Sydney Airport), were under formal police surveillance on the day in question (as QANTAS openly admits in a report), then obviously, this gross negligence, and dereliction of such an obvious task, is even more suspect.

Question 3

Do you intend to liaise with any and all Government departments and Ministers (as necessary), to ensure that Ms. Schapelle Corby’s legal team are now provided with a copy of that critically important customs report (of 2003), as referenced in your public comments of the 31st May 2005?

Question 4

The Attorney General is responsible for expediting formal requests, under the Mutual Assistance Treaty with Indonesia, in relation to co-operation on criminal matters. And as, in 2004 (as you yourself pointed out), it was by no means certain Schapelle was responsible for the drugs found in her bag (and emerging facts have rendered this scenario even more unlikely), why didn’t your office issue a formal request, under this treaty, requesting appropriate forensic examination of the physical evidence? Surely that request was highly pertinent to catching any corrupt airline staff, using innocent passengers as domestic drug mules? Are you aware of the comments of Ray Cooper (former Chief of Internal Investigations for the Australian Federtal Police), re this well known practise? Further, that critical forensic investigation of the physical evidence was also pertinent to catching the Australian grower and supplier of the marijuana.

I will call your office (soon), to confirm you are in receipt of these legitimate questions - and issue a formal reminder in 4 weeks if there is still no response, and at appropriate regular intervals thereafter, as necessary.

Sincerely yours,

Mrs. Kim Bax