Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Convicted in Australia Without Evidence, While Criminals are Paid Off to Protect Corrupt Police

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Seems crime paid extremely well for criminal QANTAS baggage handler "Tom," who used an innocent QANTAS passenger as an unwitting drug mule on the exact day Schapelle flew. So tell me, how many corrupt, bribe-taking police benefited from his silence? Maybe we'll find out if the NSW Police Integrity Commission ever rises from it's torpor, though I very much doubt it. The murder and mayhem is squalid and shameless.

Now let's discuss the confiscation of the book proceeds, from Schapelle's story. Was that vicious action born from fear, were too many people reading the truth? Were you forced to cover your tracks with another smear? Well this move's backfired, because now you can't rely on third World justice to cover your corrupt backsides - and if the last book made you sweat, the next one (and the documentary), will bring you out in boils (I promise).

So please get back to me, ASAP, with the "Evidence" for your action, because from the quote in the picture above, it seems you're obliged to have some. However, from what I gather, the only "Evidence" against Schapelle is some systematic "Verballing" from Bali customs officers, that wouldn't be admissible in an Australian court - plus a big, fat zero.

Here's what Jeff Corbett of The Newcastle Herald has to say . . .
And now, as I write in my column in The Herald, we have Australian Commonwealth prosecutors winning orders in Australian courts to confiscate royalties for a book written by Schapelle Corby. They've seized $128,000 and have just been denied by Indonesian courts access to a further $280,000.

Our prosecutors sought this confiscation despite the fact that Ms Corby was not given a fair trial in Indonesia and that by any measure was convicted by a system that is corrupt and otherwise unacceptable in Australia. The court granted the application for confiscation despite the Proceeds of Crime law allowing the courts to take into account any matters it saw fit.

Under Indonesia's justice system the onus was on Ms Corby to prove that she was innocent, that she knew nothing of the marijuana in her boogie board bag. She was presumed to be guilty until she proved her innocence. The chief judge in her trial declared his hand when he boasted during the trial that in 500 cases involving drugs he had never acquitted anyone. That alone marks the trial as unfair.

There were many other issues that would have in Australia thrown the prosecution case into reasonable doubt. And not even the shocking revelations since of drug smuggling among some Australian airport baggage handlers has won any support from our government and authorities for a fair trial for Ms Corby.
So I look forward to your answer, and I'll send you a formal reminder in 4 weeks if I've heard nothing in the interim. Also be aware that your legal decision-making was made on Australian soil, and it will be legally challenged (in due course), on Australian soil - and it's not about the money, it's about exposing your lies, and protecting the innocent.

Regards, Kim

PS - And here's another promise Robert, your weasel words in 2005 will (sometime very soon), come back to haunt you. You'll get my next formal reminder on your hypocrisy very soon.