Monday, February 14, 2011

Schapelle Corby & Corrupt New South Wales Police Officers

Click on the pic to enlarge & read. A letter from from the New South Wales Police, but don't try to discuss it with them, even for 5 minutes, because they'll threaten to "Arrest" you . . . email just sent to the Commissioner of the NSW Police, cc the Police Minister . . .
From: Mrs. Kim Bax (contact details supplied)

Copy of message just sent to the NSW Police Commissioner

cc Michael Daly

From Mrs. Kim Bax, one of the founding members of Women for Schapelle

To-day, I spoke to the officer replacing Peter Crooks while he is away, to discuss the corrupt activity of your police officers (after I received a letter from Peter Crooks). This man point blank refused to give me even 5 minutes (which is all I asked for), refused to give the contact details of his senior officer, and threatened to have me "Arrested" when I simply rang back to get those contact details. All of this may be on tape, but that's for you to find out when the new documentary about Schapelle is released.

Briefly, I now believe you have my phone details, and I expect a call back.

I want to discuss the bribes "Tom" (a pseudonym for the major criminal, and one-time QANTAS baggage handler, as described by Clive Small), paid to the NSW Police - and if the multiple recipients of these bribes were ever arrested or charged.

PS - Please hurry up and send your officers round to arrest me, I'll put the kettle on, make them some coffee, and ask them some questions about "Tom" at the same time. I guess they've got plenty of time on their hands to arrest law abiding nurses, while they're leaving the scum of the earth alone . . . Anyone remember Operation Cobalt? Because I do . . .