Sunday, February 20, 2011

Schapelle Corby - The High Cost of Doing Business in Indonesia

Here's another few words for The Australia-Indonesia Business Council.

I wonder how much Chris Packer's "Get out of jail" card cost him? It was certainly an expensive experience for Australian Robert McJannett, though I guess Chris was an even fatter prize.

So let's not beat about the bush. Indonesia is a country where you can be jailed for 20 years, solely on the uncorroborated word of Government officials who do not speak English, who are too ill-trained (and unprofessional), to treat physical evidence in an appropriate manner with gloves (and then go on to burn it) - by a judge who does not have a clue about basic legal principles, or the laws of his own country. And one other point? Sometimes they don't need any evidence to convict you.

PS - And these sentiments were shared with The Financial Times, and their 130,000 (plus), Facebook fans.

PPS - Comprehensive background to the case here.