Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Formal Complaint re Bullying by the New South Wales Police

(Addit Wednesday 16 Feb 2011, Fax in reply to Mark Murdoch's response)

Dear Mark,

On the 15th of February 2011, I received a letter from your department, signed by Peter Crooks of the Professional Standards Department, and including his phone number - so not unreasonably, I called him in response. I wanted to briefly clarify and discuss a couple of issues over the phone, before putting them in writing.

Peter Crooks was not available, but I spoke to a Mark Howard. This officer point blank refused to give me assistance with my concerns, even though I politely explained I would not take up more than five minutes of his time. He said he was "Too busy" to listen to me, and refused to provide me with a convenient time to call back (when he would be less "Busy"). He also refused to call me back at a time convenient to him. He told me to put my concerns "In writing," which (as I said), I was more than happy to do - but I just wanted his very quick advice on some key points before I did that. However he (literally), hung up on me.

This officer also refused to give me your contact details (I later found them by another route), and when I rang back (more than once), to simply get that very basic information (and I explained that was all I wanted at that point), he repeatedly hung up, and threatened to "Arrest" me.

What are you running down there Mark, a professional police force, or some kind of dysfunctional kindergarten?

So please get back to me (formally, in writing), in response to this formal complaint - bearing in mind that the indisputable evidence of your officer's bizarre behaviour may (or may not), exist. Further, if your officers are coming to "Arrest" me, could you please let me know at what time, because I want to be there to welcome them (you have my full contact details).

I'd hate to be out at my place of employment when they arrive . You see, unlike the criminals who bribe the New South Wales Police, I was never paid $800,000 by the Australian Government (and allowed to keep three quarters of a million dollars of criminal earnings, as reported by Clive Small), to keep my mouth shut. Thus I go out to work to earn an honest crust. Though I guess it's just as well, let's face it, that $800,000 had to come from somebody's taxes.

Regards, Mrs. Kim Bax