Saturday, February 26, 2011

Schapelle Corby & A Global Gathering at Sydney International Airport, including Al Wilson's "Useless, Toothless Dogs of Shame" and other Artists

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Schapelle has supporters all over all the Globe, over 14,000 on Facebook, including over 2,600 at Women for Schapelle. Over 50,000 people have signed petitions for her, with more signatures coming every day. Her book sold more than 100,000 copies in its first year. Almost 65,000 people have seen The Schapelle Corby Nightmare, and nearly 85% of Australians want her home now - so it's time to peacefully gather and demand her freedom, and demand the arrest of the QANTAS criminals.

If Schapelle is still incarcerated in that Indonesian hell hole by October 8th 2011, it will mark 7 years of Australian shame, and 7 years of our Government standing weakly and meekly by (in the face of gross injustice), as an innocent woman slowly dies. Even Julia Gillard ignores the questions. And between now and then, there's plenty of time to put the word out about a Global Gathering at Sydney International Airport, the scene of the crime. I'm sure overseas visitors will be warmly welcomed by Schapelle's supporters here, and free accommodation all over Australia is a distinct possibility.

We can invite the musicians too, from Artists for Schapelle, and a personal favourite of mine, the new Bob Dylan, Al Wilson performing Useless, Toothless Dogs of Shame.

There will be flyers, banners and media - and we won't move until the real criminals have been brought to account, and an innocent woman is free. Details coming very soon.