Monday, February 21, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Greg & Kevin, Please Answer the Questions, Why Did Australia Allow the Abuse of One of its Citizens?

I gather Australia is formally responsible for ensuring its citizens are treated fairly abroad, at least that's what Greg says here, in this film snippet. So can I say (for the record), that in relation to safeguarding Schapelle and protecting her rights, the Land Down Under was a resounding failure. So now, I want one very clear question answered.

Schapelle was convicted of "Trafficking," which carries very severe penalties in Indonesia - so if Australia had its eye on the ball (as it should have), I expect you to know the exact basis (and exact hard evidence), for this additional charge. Please get back to me with the same, ASAP.

Regards, Kim

PS - And yes your answers, or lack of them, are going in the book. I'll send a formal reminder (via fax), in 4 weeks if I've heard nothing in the interim.