Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Schapelle Corby - News About The QANTAS Crims Referred ABC 4 Corner's "Research Team"

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And here's the comments in that Facebook post . . . which ABC 4 Corners deleted, even though the evidence remains in these new comments . . .
Talking about video "On demand," I note after speaking to ABC 4 Corners this morning, that these questions of mine, re asking you to cover crucial info about terrifying security breaches at Australian airports:

. . . have been referred to your research team.

My questions mention the bizarre non-arrest of criminal QANTAS baggage handlers who imported over 65 million dollars worth of cocaine to Australia, in 2004 (made even MORE newsworthy because these "Workers," with extensive drug histories & criminal records, were using innocent passengers as drug mules on the EXACT day Schapelle used their "Services," as quoted from press reports of court proceedings involving others in that syndicate). So tell me ABC 4 Corners, when will your research team have a definitive response, one way or the other? Because methinks this is of MUCH more interest to the Australian public than a bland spin job about Julia Gillard . . .