Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Schapelle Corby - NSW Government has "No Comment" on Rampant Police Corruption

I rang your office this morning, and spoke to a policy officer who refused to give her name. I asked if you had any comment to make re why serving New South Wales police officers who received bribes from criminal QANTAS baggage handler "Tom" . . .

He is identified only by the pseudonym Tom. In court documents revealed this week after police smashed the cocaine ring, he lurks as the character most likely to strike fear into the heart of a traveller.

He is not Hurley, notorious underworld figure, or another one of the accused - the high-flying former Macquarie Bank executive Ian Chalmers. Tom is someone rather less exotic but in a sense more sinister to the flying public: he was employed by Qantas at Sydney Airport. He may be there still, handling your bags. The airline says only one baggage handler, identity unknown, has been stood aside as a result of the cocaine bust. SMH 14 May 2005

. . . (the scroat who "Dealt" with Schapelle's luggage on the 8th of October 2004), were never arrested or charged.

"Tom" had a history of trafficking in cannabis, and a history of using innocent airline passengers as unsuspecting "Drug mules." He was also paid $800,000 by the Australian Government (and allowed to keep three quarters of a million dollars of his criminal earnings), to shut the hell up.

Anyway, she said you had "No comment" to make, so I gave her the details of Kate McClymont's article and suggested she access the court proceedings Kate refers to, and then place them under your nose. Once she's done that (she wrote down the details), I said I'd call back next week, to see if you're prepared to give value for your tax-payer funded salary, by taking responsibility and publicly adding your two-cents worth. Let's face it Michael, it's been nearly five years - where have you been hiding, under a rock?

Regards, Kim