Monday, February 21, 2011

Schapelle Corby Was Verballed

The ONLY evidence “Against” Schapelle were uncorroborated statements from Indonesian customs officers who did not speak English, which she denied. This is known as “Verballing.” This practise has led to many miscarriages of justice, and Queensland magistrates (for instance), are formally warned about accepting uncorroborated police statements about the accused, especially when there is no good reason for this failure to provide video or tape. This also backs up journalist Tony Wilson’s opinion, re the poor likelihood of Schapelle’s conviction in Australia.

As Schapelle was arrested in an airport environment, with multiple CCTV cameras running, there is no reasonable excuse for this lack of hard evidence (to back up the statements of customs officers). Formal questions about this were sent to Kevin Rudd, Minister for Foreign Affairs, and Greg Moriarty (Australian Ambassador to Indonesia), on the 20th of February 2011, via fax and email. On the 22nd February 2011, it was confirmed (via phone), that Rudd’s office had received these questions. Australia has a formal responsibility to ensure it citizens are treated fairly abroad, as explained by Greg Moriarty here. There will be formal follow-up by the 20th March 2011, if there is no response from either Rudd or Moriarty in the interim.

PS - Full background to the case HERE.