Thursday, March 31, 2011

Attorney General Robert McClelland Ignores Schapelle Corby & Airport Corruption

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Dear Robert (cc Brendan),

Over eight weeks ago now, I sent both of you a fax, formally asking you to liaise with each other and supply Schapelle Corby with a confidential Australian Customs report, detailing major criminality and corruption at our airports around the time she flew. Though from what I gather, security is still a shambles. You have both ignored that correspondence (completely), for over eight weeks. The hypocrisy, considering McClelland's dramatic stage performance in 2005, when he demanded the release of this crucial info to Schapelle, is enough to make any right-thinking person vomit. Politicians of that ilk are despicable. Quote (and maybe you should stick your words on your forehead Robert) . . .
"Well it beggars belief that the contents of this report or at least some of the incidents were not provided to the defence in the Schapelle Corby case."
Since my ignored correspondence, nearly 1.5 million Australian's have a received a graphic education on Schapelle's current condition, even more Qantas criminals were flushed out of the sewer and the book is almost ready. And one other point to bear in mind (if the unanswered questions aren't devastating enough), ninety percent of the iceberg that ripped the Titanic to shreds was hidden beneath the waves, the visible presence was wickedly deceptive.

So please guys, this is a formal reminder. Schapelle needs that report, and she needs it now. It's time to come clean, and do the right thing. I'll call both of you Monday, to confirm this missive was received.

Regards, Kim

Schapelle Corby - Shakepeare's Wise Counsel for SBY

Schapelle Corby - Anthony Albanese, Did The Dog Eat Your Homework?

I'm reminded of that old saying, you can take a horse to water, but you can't make it drink, isn't that right Anthony? Because yesterday's news (30 March 2011), about airport corruption sparked a memory from 2009. No worries though, everything's safely filed away for future use.

I look forward to hearing from you . . .

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Hey Julia Gillard, 1.5 Million New Idea Readers Vote . .

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Schapelle Corby - QANTAS Pays Druggie Staff to Keep Quiet

. . . or they would have, if they hadn't been busted first. So here are my questions to the Federal Minister for Transport, Anthony Albanese, cc Steve Jackson (Head of Security) and Alan Joyce (CEO) at Qantas (in the faint hope the corporation may reply on these crucial issues) - because even though Qantas ignores and rejects legitimate questions about their criminal staff, Anthony is answerable to the Australian public . . .

Dear Tony,

I guess when those in authority choose to keep an innocent woman at death's door, in agony (as just screamed to nearly 1.5 million Australians), and locked in hell for well over six years, an awful lot of skeletons (you thought were dead and buried), start crawling out of the grave. But believe me, there's a whole army of them marching right your way.

But first, thank you for your reply to my questions of a few days ago - and I very much look forward to the answers (as does the World). Here are some more . . .

1. Why wasn't Qantas's drug-addled staff member charged?

2. Why did Qantas offer to reward his appalling behaviour with $20,000 dollars, and then withdraw it when it was publicised?

3. Why wasn't the Qantas baggage handler who wore items stolen from a passenger (on the Sydney Airport tarmac), charged or even sacked - and why were his disgusting antics rewarded with a redundancy payment?

4. Why weren't any of the other Qantas baggage handlers who participated in that incident charged (or even sacked)?

5. Are any of those workers (referenced in point 4 above), still working for Qantas?

6. Qantas baggage handler Norman Niass had an extensive criminal history. Can you explain how and why he was employed by Qantas? And tell us the duration of his employment with the airline?

7. Can you explain why Qantas did not inform Schapelle's legal team that, at the time she was convicted, their worker Norman Niass was in jail on remand, and had a lengthy criminal record?

8. Can you explain how and why "Tom" was ever employed as a Qantas baggage handler, considering his graphic criminal history?

9. Can you explain why no-one informed Schapelle's legal team that Sydney Airport Qantas baggage handlers had used another innocent passenger as an unwitting drug mule (the exact time and day she flew), and why senior AFP officer Mike Phelan, Qantas CEO Geoff Dixon and Qantas security manager Geoff Askew even lied about this to the media?

9. You were given a copy of the damning Australian Customs report (re lack of airport security at the time Schapelle flew), that Robert McClelland publicly referred to on the 31st May 2005, so why is the Australian Government still refusing to supply it to an innocent woman dying in a Bali hell hole, considering the tawdry background of lies, cover up and secret payouts now emerging?

I look forward to your reply.

Regards, Kim

Schapelle Corby - QANTAS Refuses to Sack Criminal Baggage Handlers

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Schapelle Corby & The Banality of Evil

Click on the pic to read an extract from a (recent) bizarre email from ACLEI. Here's my reply . . .

Good morning,

I'm sure you'd make an excellent functionary in any regime, and an excellent subject for Milgram. Personally speaking, writing from the sane World I inhabit, trying to explain to you why info relating to airport corruption is "In the public interest" feels a bit like trying to teach the alphabet to an autistic three year old.

Current Attorney General Robert McClelland appeared to have some grasp of it in 2005, before he had a spine-ectomy, as does the producer of this clip.

If you decide to reject my application, could you also (please), explain to me in writing, and in detail why you think access to this information isn't "In the public interest."

Regards, Kim

Schapelle Corby & Anthony Albanese's Spine

Look upon these questions as a chance for you to finally grow a spine. I'll send a reminder in four weeks (and at regular intervals thereafter, blogged), until I hear back from you. As Attorney General Robert McClelland pointed out (before his testicles shrank), these are vital issues.

A few hours ago, I sent Qantas a draft section of the new book (including some questions for them), dealing with their criminal baggage handler, Easton Barrington James.

I'll attach the same draft for your benefit, and this is what I'd like to know . . . and needless to say, these common sense points to you (of major public interest), will be widely disseminated . . .

1. Who (specifically), was responsible for checking James's background when he applied to Qantas in 2002?

2. Why wasn't his jail time in 2000 revealed?

3. Why wasn't his jail time revealed at the next two year security check (e.g. around May 2004)?

4. Which police officer was in charge of the Sydney Airport surveillance operation (of 2005/6), watching domestic baggage handlers?

5. Why wasn't James's criminal history revealed during this operation?

6. Why was James employed by Qantas (for well over three years), despite very adverse comments about him within "Operation Saigon" (tabled to the NSW Parliament in 2001), which they knew about?

7. Why didn't this high profile information act as a major red flag, showing that a much more detailed background check was imperative?

8. Why didn't James's criminal record come to light at the time of Schapelle's arrest in October 2004? Surely to God, someone bothered to check out the baggage handlers then? Why was he employed for another 17 months?

I look forward to your reply.

Regards, Kim

Monday, March 28, 2011

Schapelle Corby, Easton Barrington James & The Appalling Incompetence of Qantas

Dear Allan,

Your former baggage handler Easton Barrington James (Sydney Domestic Airport), was sacked around February 2006, after three and a half years on the pay roll, because of a drugs offence serious enough to warrant six months inside. He was jailed in 2000, just before he started working with you in 2002, and Qantas also admitted (in press articles a few weeks after he was terminated), they knew about the adverse findings of the 2001 Levi Report (re this man).

Strangely, in April 2006, Qantas denied knowledge of his conviction even though police said this colourful past was well known to his co-workers, he was under formal surveillance for six months and this blot pre-dated initial (and later), security checks. Here are my questions . . .

1. When Schapelle was arrested in October 2004, why didn’t Qantas volunteer information to her legal team about James’s involvement in the Levi investigations, as reported to the New South Parliament in 2001? The company admitted they knew about it, and your security managers were living under a rock if they were ignorant of the headlines.

2. Why did you employ him shortly after a serious drug offence (that should have been picked up at once), and after his high profile involvement with corrupt police? And why did you continue to employ him for three and a half years post this, as (by your own admission), this should have been revealed (in regular security checks), by May 2004 at the latest (2 years after he was taken on)? Your security chief at the time also publicly said “Intelligence” about staff (not just formal convictions), should be taken into account when hiring them.

3. Why didn’t your admitted knowledge of the Levi investigation (and the adverse findings about James), prompt you to look more closely at his criminal past, and how was it possible for him to be on formal police watch for six months (in 2005/6), without his conviction coming to light? Did everyone train with the Keystone Cops?

4. Why didn’t you instigate ad hoc, and one-off background checks on your baggage handlers in the wake of Schapelle’s arrest in October 2004, considering the major public concern this incident created? Why was this very obvious point so far below the radar he was allowed to continue working for another 17 months?

Regards, Kim

Schapelle Corby & QANTAS

Click on the pic to enlarge & read, comments (in place for over five hours), on the QANTAS Facebook page Monday 28th March 2011 . . .
Criminal Qantas baggage handlers use passengers as unwitting drug mules, and their former CEO & Head of Security lie about it

And here's some more comments to over 131,000 Formula 1 Facebook fans, same day.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Australia's National Airline Takes a Hit on Google

This blog post exposes Qantas lies, and their criminal staff - and is now on . . .

The first web search page for Geoff Dixon Qantas

The first search page for Geoff Dixon (blogs)

Schapelle Corby - Geoff Dixon, QANTAS CEO & Lying Bastard

Click on the picture to enlarge and read a quote from the lying bastard that will be used on the back cover.

Quote from Geoff Askew in this article.

Criminal background on Qantas baggage handler Norman Niass here, and the contemptuous 2011 Qantas response here.

Criminal background on Qantas Baggage handler "Tom" here.

Criminal background on Qantas baggage handler Easton Barrington James here.

Background on the innocent tourist Qantas condemned to 20 years in hell here.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Keneally was Swept Away by a Tide of Voters Sick of Corruption, is Gillard Next?

Keneally lost in a landslide, is Gillard next? The corruption and cover up is sickening, while an innocent woman is left to die.

Schapelle Corby, "Tom," Corrupt, Bribe-Taking Police & The Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity

A formal complaint to The Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity (cc Andrew Wilkie)

Dear Phillip,

Over five months ago, I asked you to probe corrupt Qantas baggage handler "Tom," and the $800,000 payment he received from the New South Wales Government. He was also allowed to keep $750,000, claiming he earned it "Honestly." As far as I'm aware, you've done nothing. I'm expecting a repeat performance from you, e.g. telling the World "There's nothing to see here," while point blank refusing to provide a shred of evidence the matter was ever investigated. So here are some further issues I am formally asking you to look into, to clearly show what a deeply corrupt and deeply ineffective organisation you're running (when the proverbial finally hits the fan, as it will).

1. Please interview "Tom" (which shouldn't be too hard, as he's a protected witness), ask him to identify the corrupt police officers he bribed in his criminal career, and then investigate them. He volunteered this information in court, and the former Assistant Commissioner to the New South Wales Police Force (Clive Small), also confirms this history. "Tom" should have no problems imparting this information, unless of course the $800,000 payment was a sweetener to buy his silence, and the filth is so deep "Tom's" protection might suddenly end with a couple of bullets. Gary Lee Rogers learnt this lesson the hard way, and you've turned a blind eye to that raw tragedy for years.

2. Please explain to me, in writing, and in detail, why you judged that my FOI request is "Not in the public interest."

3. Please investigate why the charges against criminal Qantas baggage handler Norman Niass were dropped.

4. Please investigate why the corrupt payment of $300,000 to ten (or less), Qantas baggage handlers was not used as a very obvious lead to convict a single one of them.

5. Please investigate why Mike Phelan lied about the use of innocent drug mules, and did not inform the Bali Court (or Schapelle's legal team), that this method was used by corrupt Qantas baggage handlers the exact time and day she flew.

6. Please investigate why the Australian Federal Police did not formally tell the Bali court (and Schapelle's legal team), about the gross price differential (pages 233/4) (re marijuana), between Australia and Bali.

7. Please investigate why the Australian Federal Police did not inform the Bali Court (or Schapelle's legal team), about the arrest of Qantas baggage handler Norman Niass and his lengthy criminal record.

8. Please investigate why the Australian Federal Police did not inform the Bali Court (or Schapelle's legal team), about the criminal behaviour of Sydney Domestic Airport baggage handler Raymond Camilleri.

9. Please investigate why the Australian Federal Police did not inform the Bali Court (or Schapelle's legal team), about the criminal history of Sydney Domestic Airport baggage handler Easton Barrington James.

10. Please investigate why the Australian Federal Police did not inform the Bali Court (or Schapelle's legal team), about the severe criminal history of Sydney Airport baggage handler "Tom."

I look forward to your response.

Regards, Kim

Friday, March 25, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Andrew Wilkie, Are You Blind?

Dear Andrew,

I note you're speaking out in support of Allan Kessing and Julian Assange, both very worthy causes by the way - but aren't you forgetting someone? Why don't you talk about an innocent woman who has suffered immeasurably more than those two gentlemen? Or is this just a "Boys Club"? And ordinary working class girls need not apply? Is it OK to stand silently by while corporate Australia burns another witch? Do you expect the establishment to honestly investigate AFP corruption when it comes to Kessing, when they've so blatantly failed Schapelle, and every other Australian who has complained?

So be aware Andrew, I expect some action from you - and as the mother of three young adults, a very experienced Registered Nurse, a veteran of Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp, and one of the founding members of Women for Schapelle, if I have to jump on plane, take a taxi to your office, and sit there until you wake up, I will do so - blogged and filmed for posterity.

How the hell can you speak out about Allan Kessing, and not mention Schapelle in the same breath? The two were intimately connected, as this explosive 2005 Woman's Day article proves (scroll down). Here are my concerns . . .

1. The Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity has turned a blind eye to . . .
  • The complete failure of the AFP to investigate the Australian source of the drugs found in Schapelle's bags.
. . . and the organisation is currently ignoring my further questions about this, and obstructing my FOI request.

2. ACLEI has stonewalled investigations re an $800,000 Government payment to corrupt Qantas baggage handler "Tom" for over 5 months, despite his history of bribing corrupt police.

3. Mick Keelty, former Chief of the AFP, deliberately prejudiced Schapelle's right to a fair trial.

5. Robert McClelland (Australia's Attorney General), is currently refusing to supply Schapelle's lawyers with a copy of Kessing's leaked report.

6. The Australian Federal Police lied about the use of innocent drugs mules.

7. Greg Moriarty and Kevin Rudd are ignoring these crucial questions about their responsibilities towards Schapelle.

8. No Qantas baggage handlers were ever convicted, and 10 kilos of cocaine appears to have walked out of Sydney Airport under its own steam - as did over 65 million dollars worth (200 kilos), between June and December 2004. Further, the AFP find it "Too difficult" to figure out which ten workers divvied up a $300,000 corrupt payment.

9. Qantas lied to the Parliament, and baggage handler Norman Niass's incarceration at the time of Schapelle's conviction was covered up, as was the lengthy criminal histories of their workers.

10. The Australian Director of Public Prosecutions made illegal use of the legislation in relation to Schapelle's book.

I'll call your office Monday. Expect me there in person if I get no results.

Regards, Kim