Thursday, March 31, 2011

Attorney General Robert McClelland Ignores Schapelle Corby & Airport Corruption

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Dear Robert (cc Brendan),

Over eight weeks ago now, I sent both of you a fax, formally asking you to liaise with each other and supply Schapelle Corby with a confidential Australian Customs report, detailing major criminality and corruption at our airports around the time she flew. Though from what I gather, security is still a shambles. You have both ignored that correspondence (completely), for over eight weeks. The hypocrisy, considering McClelland's dramatic stage performance in 2005, when he demanded the release of this crucial info to Schapelle, is enough to make any right-thinking person vomit. Politicians of that ilk are despicable. Quote (and maybe you should stick your words on your forehead Robert) . . .
"Well it beggars belief that the contents of this report or at least some of the incidents were not provided to the defence in the Schapelle Corby case."
Since my ignored correspondence, nearly 1.5 million Australian's have a received a graphic education on Schapelle's current condition, even more Qantas criminals were flushed out of the sewer and the book is almost ready. And one other point to bear in mind (if the unanswered questions aren't devastating enough), ninety percent of the iceberg that ripped the Titanic to shreds was hidden beneath the waves, the visible presence was wickedly deceptive.

So please guys, this is a formal reminder. Schapelle needs that report, and she needs it now. It's time to come clean, and do the right thing. I'll call both of you Monday, to confirm this missive was received.

Regards, Kim