Friday, March 25, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Andrew Wilkie, Are You Blind?

Dear Andrew,

I note you're speaking out in support of Allan Kessing and Julian Assange, both very worthy causes by the way - but aren't you forgetting someone? Why don't you talk about an innocent woman who has suffered immeasurably more than those two gentlemen? Or is this just a "Boys Club"? And ordinary working class girls need not apply? Is it OK to stand silently by while corporate Australia burns another witch? Do you expect the establishment to honestly investigate AFP corruption when it comes to Kessing, when they've so blatantly failed Schapelle, and every other Australian who has complained?

So be aware Andrew, I expect some action from you - and as the mother of three young adults, a very experienced Registered Nurse, a veteran of Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp, and one of the founding members of Women for Schapelle, if I have to jump on plane, take a taxi to your office, and sit there until you wake up, I will do so - blogged and filmed for posterity.

How the hell can you speak out about Allan Kessing, and not mention Schapelle in the same breath? The two were intimately connected, as this explosive 2005 Woman's Day article proves (scroll down). Here are my concerns . . .

1. The Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity has turned a blind eye to . . .
  • The complete failure of the AFP to investigate the Australian source of the drugs found in Schapelle's bags.
. . . and the organisation is currently ignoring my further questions about this, and obstructing my FOI request.

2. ACLEI has stonewalled investigations re an $800,000 Government payment to corrupt Qantas baggage handler "Tom" for over 5 months, despite his history of bribing corrupt police.

3. Mick Keelty, former Chief of the AFP, deliberately prejudiced Schapelle's right to a fair trial.

5. Robert McClelland (Australia's Attorney General), is currently refusing to supply Schapelle's lawyers with a copy of Kessing's leaked report.

6. The Australian Federal Police lied about the use of innocent drugs mules.

7. Greg Moriarty and Kevin Rudd are ignoring these crucial questions about their responsibilities towards Schapelle.

8. No Qantas baggage handlers were ever convicted, and 10 kilos of cocaine appears to have walked out of Sydney Airport under its own steam - as did over 65 million dollars worth (200 kilos), between June and December 2004. Further, the AFP find it "Too difficult" to figure out which ten workers divvied up a $300,000 corrupt payment.

9. Qantas lied to the Parliament, and baggage handler Norman Niass's incarceration at the time of Schapelle's conviction was covered up, as was the lengthy criminal histories of their workers.

10. The Australian Director of Public Prosecutions made illegal use of the legislation in relation to Schapelle's book.

I'll call your office Monday. Expect me there in person if I get no results.

Regards, Kim