Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Schapelle Corby & Anthony Albanese's Spine

Look upon these questions as a chance for you to finally grow a spine. I'll send a reminder in four weeks (and at regular intervals thereafter, blogged), until I hear back from you. As Attorney General Robert McClelland pointed out (before his testicles shrank), these are vital issues.

A few hours ago, I sent Qantas a draft section of the new book (including some questions for them), dealing with their criminal baggage handler, Easton Barrington James.

I'll attach the same draft for your benefit, and this is what I'd like to know . . . and needless to say, these common sense points to you (of major public interest), will be widely disseminated . . .

1. Who (specifically), was responsible for checking James's background when he applied to Qantas in 2002?

2. Why wasn't his jail time in 2000 revealed?

3. Why wasn't his jail time revealed at the next two year security check (e.g. around May 2004)?

4. Which police officer was in charge of the Sydney Airport surveillance operation (of 2005/6), watching domestic baggage handlers?

5. Why wasn't James's criminal history revealed during this operation?

6. Why was James employed by Qantas (for well over three years), despite very adverse comments about him within "Operation Saigon" (tabled to the NSW Parliament in 2001), which they knew about?

7. Why didn't this high profile information act as a major red flag, showing that a much more detailed background check was imperative?

8. Why didn't James's criminal record come to light at the time of Schapelle's arrest in October 2004? Surely to God, someone bothered to check out the baggage handlers then? Why was he employed for another 17 months?

I look forward to your reply.

Regards, Kim