Sunday, March 20, 2011

Schapelle Corby, The Australian Federal Police & The Incredible Invisible Man

Dear Philip,

According to a letter you sent me dated 25 January 2011, you're supposed to be investigating "The actions of the AFP with respect to baggage handlers," so please be aware that's it's not acceptable (in an open and democratic society), to simply say "Move along folks, nothing to see here," especially in such a high profile case, with such grave and far reaching implications. You must be accountable for your decisions, and process must be transparent.

So I hope you show a great deal more intelligence and common sense than either Tony Negus or Mick Keelty. The only baggage handler arrested or charged over the cocaine importation on the day Australian tourist Schapelle flew (as far as we know, since news reports of the 10th March 2011 finally spilled the beans), was a Norman Niass, and charges were (eventually), dropped after he was held on remand for some time.

So Philip, unless you believe in Caspar the Ghost or The Invisible Man (like Tony and Mick), you must also provide a credible explanation re how and why the bags of an innocent Qantas passenger (Gary MacDonald), containing 10 kilos of cocaine (worth over 2.5 million dollars, street value, according to page 231 of this UN Report), found its way to Rushcutters Bay without the inside help of airport workers. Or did it just sprout legs, and toddle over all by itself?

Though I guess if you're finding this far too difficult to figure out, you could always get the London cops on the blower to give you a hand, because they know how to do their job . . .
"A baggage handler at Heathrow who was the "key inside man" in a plot to smuggle 9kg of cocaine in the luggage of unwitting passengers from South America was jailed yesterday for 19 years." The Guardian, 7 August 2004
I look forward to hearing from you.

Regards, Kim